12+ Times We Got Punished for Getting Out Of Bed

For a lot of us, the morning alarm is a lot like the wacky neighbor in sitcoms that the main character lowkey hates. We cringe in quiet dread when it talks to us, but it would be a lot harder to get anywhere without it.

After all, just like the sitcom that gets canceled without the wacky neighbor, our employment is a lot more likely to get canceled without the alarm.

But for some reason, the world seems to think the alarm is our best buddy and gets jealous when we listen to it. How else would you explain these sudden, sad surprises?

1. This was a no-win scenario for this parent.

Instagram | @kalesalad

In this case, they drove themselves a little insane only to learn that a cartoon starfish pranked them by proxy.

But the one time they let it slide, the kid would've brought home ants or something — and boom, infestation.

2. The liquor store these poles stand in front of understood the risks when they opened, but I'm concerned for whoever is sharing space with them.

Reddit | Journey_951

The more poles they see bending, the more it must feel like they're playing a tower defense game they didn't sign up for.

3. If I'm drinking a soda, I'm in no mood for it to start acting like some aluminum puzzle box.

Reddit | LockRay

I can kind of appreciate it wanting to me to make healthier choices, but if I have to smash it on a desk, I will.

Don't test me.

4. Gah! Even as somebody who likes spiders, I'll still say there are limits here. 

Instagram | @will_ent

I love my family, but it's not like they can just barge in when I'm in the bathroom. Spider bros are no exception, and this one should've respected this girl's sanctuary.

5. Well, if there's any upside to this, it's that I'll never complain about a farmer's tan ever again.

Reddit | uglyorgan8038

Because as awkward as it is when your arms don't match your body, it's better than the summery civil war these poor feet are going through.

6. Hmm, we're probably not looking at the author's attempt to be really meta here.

Reddit | chief_bighorse

It's honestly hard not to think a toddler's just pretending they can't read in times like this because they're definitely saying, "Haha, where's your little guidebook now?"

7. That Pikachu costume seems like it's all fun and games until you...try to do pretty much anything.

Reddit | AceRockman

I also want to know how elaborate a costume the photographer is wearing if they didn't offer to get these drinks for Pikachu.

No wonder Ash chose him.

8. This poor girl got a puck to the chest at a hockey game. If she was behind the glass all along, this ain't nothing but a lesson in how unfair life is.

Reddit | [deleted]

It's like falling off your bike with the world's dorkiest set of pads on, only to still end up breaking something.

Shout-out to that brave face, though.

9. The conflicting feeling of being mad at someone who's already apologetic while bae is laughing has to count as a bingo on the "life sucks" card.

Instagram | @tinpun

At this point, if that dude wanted to pull his sunglasses down like he's outside, I wouldn't blame him.

10. Oof, imagine visiting this house on a super hot day and still turning down the drinks because you know what's gonna happen to you.

Instagram | @nochill

The choice between dehydration and hot-dog–flavored drinks is reserved for the devil, thank you very much. Get that unholiness outta here.

11. I'm kind of impressed that anyone can be this comfortable on a bus stop bench, but I wouldn't wish this awkward experience on anyone.


I hope this is just some ploy to ensure nobody talks to him, because I'm walking if he says, "Hot enough for you?"

12. I can only express my heartfelt sorrow for everyone who had to deal with this idiocy.

Reddit | BMWBeme

Not so much the motorcycle guys because they can just go around, but everybody else has already earned the right to scream, "Was there seriously nowhere else you could do this?!"

13. Wow, getting snitched on by a news crew while doing something that should be too boring to film sounds about as unlucky as this situation can get.

Reddit | flyoverthemooon

And just because it's that kind of day, I'm guessing she didn't walk away with anything new lined up.

14. Oh, good. I love it when I can't decide if it would be more awkward to use something as a tap or a bidet.

Reddit | Jake1272

I think this was invented by some kind of disgruntled plumber who wanted us to feel the frustration of fixing a clog.

15. Those times when the earth just opens up and swallows someone's car make it seem like the world forgot to make them miserable that day and panicked.

Reddit | AKsayWHAT

"Phew, I think I heard that dude whistle as we was going into the store. Can't let that happen."

16. Well, I guess we should be glad that somebody is enjoying this delicious spaghetti.

Reddit | demidemigod1

You know, it probably would soften a lot of life's harshest blows if dogs just showed up after something bad happens.

Actually, they usually know when something's up, so just follow them.

17. I'm not sure how these companies keep getting away with this, but their reign of terror obviously isn't over yet.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I'd love to see the reviews on this, though. "They literally just cut out of a picture of a cartoon moon and pretended it was helpful."

18. I think if somebody served me this, it would legitimately be the only time I've ever flipped the table.

Reddit | OSideSubi

I've survived a lot of games of Monopoly without getting salty enough to do that, but even I have my limit, and that limit is mistreatment of pasta.

19. Wow, I've never seen someone get this petty about what technically counts as a blueberry muffin.

Reddit | secret_economist

Every barista they meet will be confused by the way they say "blueberries muffin," but nobody should get hurt like this again.

They've gotta do what they've gotta do.

20. We've said that not getting out of bed is the protection from this crap, but I think this baby might disagree.

Reddit | LazySwing

After all, the little homie has probably spent a lot of time in bed, and Alexa still seems to feel weirdly threatened by them.

21. It wasn't enough that the homie had to find out Karen wasn't into it, but the rest of us apparently needed to be witnesses.

Reddit | Gray_S550

I'd almost feel better about it if that O had a line trailing off, like she ran away or something. This was too calm.


22. It's too bad our new friend learned this the hard way, but it turns out that minty freshness is not a quality you want for your eyes.

Reddit | Mwall9

It's almost like the world was saying, "Oh, I'll tell you when you need eye drops!" The world's mean.

23. I think we're looking at a line of people getting increasingly disappointed that they didn't think of this first.

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

The girl in the distance looks happy because she thought of it, but the other two can't even look at the camera.

The closest girl's apparently thinking, "Why even wear the suit?"

24. Wow, I'm guessing the part where she argued that she should get a discount for having to respread it herself didn't go that well.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I know that avocados are getting expensive, but was that bread made by elves or something? It doesn't even look filling.

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