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A Big Gust Of Wind Turned Ivanka Trump's Dress Into A Hilarious Online Meme

Mother Nature is no friend to billowy clothing. Anyone who's ever worn a particularly loose-fitting shirt, skirt, or dress on a blistery day knows the peril of catching an ill-timed stiff breeze and suddenly wishing you'd played it safe and just worn pants.

It's no fun to be on the receiving end of a windy wardrobe malfunction. But when you're witnessing one, it's kind of hilarious. Especially if it happens to someone who's usually so put-together, like a celebrity. And the internet loves to take those celebs' worst clothing mishaps and turn them into memes for everyone everywhere to enjoy.

The latest target? Ivanka Trump.

The POTUS' daughter and senior advisor wore a designer dress during her visit to Colombia earlier this week.

According to Huffington Post, the normally kempt and proper Trump donned a $1,650 forest green-colored outfit for her meeting with Vice President Marta Lucia Ramirez, as well as with the country's defense minister, Guillermo Botero. And all was going well until it was time to pose for pictures.

That was when a sudden breeze put the dress' unusual design to work and created a look that not even the stylish Ivanka Trump could pull off.

The billowy sleeves of her dress were caught by the wind and flared up wildly around her shoulders.

A snap of the fashion blunder was captured by Getty Images News and then shared on Twitter where people were quick to point out the hilarity of Trump's easy-breezy-sleeveys.

Here are some of the internet's best responses to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

When the plants have enough and finally decide to bite back.

Keeping with the vegetation theme, someone else likened Trump's green look to lettuce while another speculated that the first daughter has finally "gone banana leaves".

Try not to get too close, you don't want to spook it.

Remember this prehistoric fella from Jurassic Park? Well he's making his big comeback atop Trump's shoulders. Fashion is his passion and he's ready to make a statement.

It's not easy bein' green, is it Ivanka?

This person likened the first daughter's designer dress to the sort of lily pads you'd find floating on top of a pond, and I gotta say, the resemblance is uncanny. This could have been quite the #look too if she'd added some lilies.

Coming to runways this fall: the cone of shame.

Many people actually agreed that Trump's billowy sleeves closely resembled a dog's recovery cone that stops them from biting at stitches. Now what her "cones" are supposed to be preventing her from doing is anyone's guess.

Effie Trinket is coming back in a big way, people.

The Hunger Games character is known for her bold, somewhat experimental looks, and I'd say Trump's airy attire is definitely experimental. So yeah, that shoe definitely fits. Or should I say dress?

Futuristic fashionista.

Maybe this is why we aren't exactly on board with Trump's fashion choice — it's just a little too futuristic for us. But don't you worry, Ivanka. One day, they'll understand. They'll all understand.

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