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Bernie Sanders Calls Trump ‘The Most Dangerous President In US History’

During Wednesday's episode of The View, Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders had quite about to say about the potential effects of President Trump's leadership style on the country.

When host Joy Behar asked Sanders about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding whether or not she would be a 'big enough challenge' to Trump in the 2020 election, Sanders didn't hold back his opinions.

Sanders explained that the focus on simply 'beating Trump' is overshadowing what the Presidency is actually about.


"I love Nancy but she and I disagree on this issue," he stated. He the went on to address co-host Meghan McCain.

"I work[ed] with your dad, I work with other people on issues where we can come together,"he said, referring to the late Sen. John McCain, "That's what I think American politics is supposed to be about."

"But you have a president today – and again, it gives me no joy to say this – he is a pathological liar."

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"I must say that in my view, Donald Trump is the most dangerous president probably in the history of this country," he continued.

"We agree," said Behar, which sent the studio audience into a fit of cheering.

Sanders' statement is much heftier with a bit of context.

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Trump has often been compared to former presidents Presidents Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson, with openly racist Johnson having been impeached after the Civil War, and Jackson having been responsible for thousands of Native American deaths on "The Trail Of Tears".

Bernie Sanders saying that Trump "is the most dangerous President in US history" implies that Trump is worse than both of these men.

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Sanders has always been known for his bold political commentary, with many people claiming that it verges on outlandish.

Trump has yet to respond to Sanders' comments on The View.

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