So Vin Diesel Has A Twin Brother Who Works In Hollywood, And I Had No Idea

Vin Diesel selfie and with child
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Um, what?

Did anyone else know Vin Diesel has a twin brother? I know! I had no idea, either! There are two people who look like Vin out there, which feels like a gift to the whole world from the universe itself.

So, who is Vin Diesel's twin brother? What's his deal? Let's meet him.

So, you know Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel and young child.
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The tough guy with the heart of gold who gave us the majesty of the Fast and the Furious franchise.

I'm not being sarcastic. I frickin' love those movies. Fast cars? Heists? Families? Show me a better movie franchise.

In 2014, Vin lost a member of his family.

VIn Diesel and Paul Walker
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He considered actor Paul Walker his brother. After Walker passed away, Vin naturally began to share his thoughts about his death on social media.

"Let those you care about know, it can never be too much. Life is short," he wrote.

He posted a picture titled, "The Two Pauls" on his Facebook...

Paul Walker and Paul Vincent Sinclair.
Facebook | Vin Diesel

...which then blew the internet up.

"Pablo [Paul Walker] and my mother would have deep conversations... she claimed, that it was no accident that this on-screen duo has come to define brotherhood in Our millennium," he began.

He then made the big reveal.


"You see... the other guy in the photo is also named Paul... and although they look more alike, he is actually my twin brother."

Hold on...Vin, what? What's going on here?

So, meet Paul Vincent Sinclair. Vin Diesel's fraternal twin brother!

Vin Diesel and twin brother Paul Vincent Sinclair.
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Paul Vincent Sinclair works in Hollywood, too, and it's been reported that he's a film editor and works in the sound department.

He keeps to himself a lot, and is basically invisible on social media.

Obviously, they're not identical twins.


Paul and Vin are fraternal twin brothers, meaning that they don't look alike.

I lowkey (okay, highkey) love that they're polar opposites of one another. Vin is totally bald, and yet Paul is rocking a full head of hair, and a beard.

What would you expect Vin Diesel's twin brother to look like?

Soccer referee pointing Vin Diesel lookalike.
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Probably...anything vaguely like him, right?

Like the guy in this picture, who fully is not Vin. I know, I know. Sorry for tricking you, but wow do he and Brazilian football referee Jean Pierre Gonçalves look alike.

Vin rarely posts about him.

Vin Diesel and brother young.
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Since Paul clearly values his privacy (who can blame him?), Vin doesn't post about him a lot.

He has posted throwback photos from their childhood before, where you can see the twins already look totally different. One of them is blonde!

However, just like Dom from "Fast and the Furious", Vin has made his own family, too.

Vin Diesel laughing with Paul Walker.
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Paul Walker (who he called Pablo), was a brother to him, and it's obvious from his social media that he misses him greatly.

Paul features heavily on Vin's Instagram, where he honors him by continuing the franchise.

He also considers Paul's brother family.

Picture of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel from behind.
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Paul's brother, Cody, famously stood in for Paul's remaining scenes from Fast 7.

Now, Vin has Cody visit the set of the movies.

"There is something special that happens every time Cody comes to visit production.... Always making Pablo proud! All love, always." He wrote on Instagram.

He also calls Nathalie Emmanuel his sister.

Vin Diesel hugging Nathalie Emmanuel.
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In a post, Vin wrote, "Picture says it all. So much love for this beautiful and incredible, multicultural queen. Tonight we celebrate her 30th birthday here in London! The world is a better place because of you @nathalieemmanuel, and I am blessed to call you my sister. I will love you forever!!!"

And we can't forget Jordana Brewster!

Vin Diesel selfie with Jordana Brewster.
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"@jordanabrewster it has been a true blessing to call you my sister on and off screen for the last 20 years. WE LOVE YOU!!!" Vin wrote.

Is it me, or is he the happiest dude in the world?

Vin is recently shot "Fast 9."

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in car.
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But he hasn't let Paul's memory fade from the franchise.

He wrote on Instagram, "If you would have asked me back then... if 2 decades later, I would be embarking on the 9th chapter of this global saga, I might have said, impossible!"

They kept going despite the odds.

Vin Diesel posing for selfie white shirt and sunglasses.
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"You know how sacred this is to us, you know why we have to reach higher. All love, Always." He continued.

Vin's love for his lost brother permeates everything he writes.

And as for the rest of his family...

Vin Diesel Christmas with children.
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Vin is a dedicated husband and father, too.

He and his wife, Poloma, have three kids: Hania Riley, Pauline, and Vincent.

And in case you spotted it: yup, Pauline was named for Paul Walker, as well as Vin Diesel's twin brother!