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14+ Of The Most Bizarre Things Fans Have Done To Celebrities

There's being a fan, being a stan, and then there's...these people.

Celebrities are full of stories about awkward, strange, or even scary fan encounters. Whether they're being sent weird objects or being confronted on the street, fans have made some pretty memorable impressions on celebrities.

I did not say they were good impressions, mind you.

So, here's a list of what not to do when you see your fave celeb.

Louis Tomlinson

YouTube | onedirectionvideoz

Louis Tomlinson ran out of milk, so he tweeted about it.

An enterprising One Direction fan showed up to his house and brought him the milk he was missing.


Tom Felton

Instagram | @t22felton

Tom Felton relayed this absolutely bizarre fan encounter to Yahoo Movies UK.

"One man wanted to adopt me. He had changed his name legally to Lucius Malfoy and wanted me to change my name to Draco Malfoy and to legally adopt me. I declined!"

Justin Bieber


One fan loved Justin Bieber so much that he wanted to look like him.

No, literally.

Toby Sheldon underwent various surgeries to resemble Justin, including a surgery that would force him to constantly be smiling.

He passed away in 2015.

James McAvoy

Wikimedia Commons

Please don't do this to people.

A fan once approached James McAvoy and told him that he was her "allowance." Confused? Same. Apparently, that meant he was the one man she was approved to cheat on her boyfriend with.


Demi Lovato

YouTube | Timmy Timato

Y'all, I am crying.

In 2014, Demi Lovato tweeted: "Just finished a meet and greet. Someone legitimately got nervous and farted on me. I guess there's a first time for everything.. Right? [blush emoji, poop emoji]"

Guess what? The fan eventually (and allegedly) revealed themselves in a YouTube video in 2016. He called the video, "I FARTED ON DEMI LOVATO AT A MEET AND GREET | STORYTIME (With Pictures) | She Tweeted About My Fart!"


Jessie J

Instagram | @jessiej

Jessie J broke her leg in 2011. This should not be news.

And yet...

A crazed fan, "inspired" by Jessie's injury, broke her own leg to get Jessie's attention. Jessie had to increase the security around her as a result.

Fifth Harmony

They said: "There's this one guy in New York…He's such a sweet guy. He chased after our car once for, like, twenty minutes. He literally kept up with our car. Twenty minutes is a very long time when you're keeping up with a car! That was insane. We were cheering him on."


Matt Smith

CBS News

A woman apparently approached the former Doctor Who star and declared that he looked like the picture of a hedgehog she was holding.

She then tried to kiss him, which resulted in her being dragged away by security.

Zac Efron


I can't believe this needs saying, but please stop sending celebrities body parts.

"Oh, I had a fan send me a piece of their skin," Miles Teller revealed Zac Efron once told Conan O'Brien.

I have questions.

Madelaine Petsch

Instagram | @madelame

Riverdale has made a huge star out of Madelaine Petsch. So big that some fans think they're entitled to do whatever they want to her.

While out and about, one fan yelled her character's name, then jumped on her.

Boundaries, people. Boundaries.

John Boyega

YouTube | MTV International

People like to send John Boyega very strange objects.

"I've been sent socks before, brownies, a pen. I've been sent, oh, I've been sent nipple covers with my face on it. Someone was, like, doing a startup or something, she had a GoFundMe. She sent me nipple covers with my face on them."

Ricky Martin

Instagram | @ricky_martin

I' sure this is a crime.

Ricky Martin heard an odd noise while walking around his hotel room nude. It turned out to be a woman hiding in the vents of his room.

Not only did he not call the police, he chose to take pictures with her, instead. Surprisingly chill.

Ariana Grande

Instagram | @arianagrande

An avid Ariana Grande fan (I refuse to call him an Arianator, they would never) sent her some really strange objects in 2014.

Among them: a 40+ pound pumpkin, yankee candles, a KMart 3-piece mirror set, and a rock.

Dax Shepard

YouTube | MTV International

I'll just let Dax summarize this one.

"This woman was convinced I was the father of her kid, and I'd never, ever met her. She marches in the restaurant, restaurant's full, and she goes, 'Are you gonna deny that he's yours?'

And I go, 'What?' She goes, 'Are you willing to take a paternity test or not?'

And I go, 'What?' And she goes, 'He's your son!'"

Miley Cyrus


Never get a passing interest tattooed on your body, guys.

Carl McCoid took his obsession with Miley (who he called his wife) to a new level when he got 23 tattoos dedicated to her.

"He has like 18 pictures of my face and they're really ugly." Miley said.

He has since begun the process of having them removed.

Tom Ellis

YouTube | MTV International

A man and a woman approached Lucifer's Tom Ellis and asked if he would take a picture with the woman.

In the middle of the picture, the woman asked if she could lick his face.

"And the guy behind the camera was going, 'Go on! No, Tom, go on! Lick her face! Lick her face!'"


Instagram | @taecyeonokay

We're gettin' into K-Pop right now, guys.

Taecyeon of the band 2PM had an interesting letter sent to him. One fan with no boundaries or regard for hygiene wrote him a letter...using her period blood.

Nope! Hard pass.

Tyler Oakley

Instagram | @tyleroakley

One fan actually stole something from the YouTube star — his phone.

"Once at Playlist, I think a couple years ago, a fan took my phone. She took it from the meet-up, it was on the table, and then they ran after her and she was crying. So that was a little bit scary."

Shawn Mendes

Instagram | @shawnmendes

Shawn came across 400 fans waiting for him, and the situation was not ideal.

"I kind of looked at them and I didn’t really know what to do. I didn’t know if they knew the doors were unlocked or not, and they just barged through the doors and I just turned around and ran the other way. They were gonna trample me to death!"

Taylor Swift


One couple took their love for Taylor Swift off the internet and onto...their lawn?

Jeff and Teresa Greenwood cut their lawn to show off Taylor's face.

As for Taylor? She loved it. She posted the picture to Instagram and captioned it, "Lawn goals."

Maisie Williams

Instagram | @maisie_williams

Maisie Williams' fans want her to add them to Arya Stark's kill list. No, really.

"And quite often, people ask me to say Arya's kill list of names she wants to kill but put their own name in it, so they can record it on their phone. And I do, but that's really creepy!"

Finn Wolfhard

Instagram | @finnwolfhard

Imagine stalking a kid? Well, one couple decided to do that to Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard.

"I got followed back from my house by a couple in Toronto. And the minute I got to my door, they were just like, ‘Can we take a picture with you?’ I was like, ‘No, you followed me back for four blocks, that’s super-creepy.'"

Jared Leto

Instagram | @jaredleto

Jared told FXM about the time someone sent him their ear.

"Someone cut their ear off once and sent it to me, that was very strange. A whole ear. The Van Gogh move. The note just said, are you listening? I never knew who it was, who's missing their ear out there. I poked a hole in it and wore it as a necklace!" he said.