Dakota Fanning Plays A White 'Ethiopian' Muslim In New Film And She Responded To All The Backlash

Uh... what? This reads like a mad lib.

________ (actress) plays a ______ (race) ________ (country where you probably wouldn't find a lot of that race) ________ (religion) ________ (crisis victim that real people are currently going through).

Hey folks.


Let's take a moment to talk about... whitewashing.

I know this is going sound lame coming from me, a white male (cue evil music) but there's been a lot of it in the past and its kind of annoying.

But luckily, we've kind of bullied people into stopping.


Remember when Scarlett Johansson played an Asian character? Twitter made sure she would never do that again.

Well, it looks like we've got another white actress in a place she probably shouldn't be...

Dakota Fanning is in a new movie where she is playing a white Muslim woman in Ethiopia.


Obviously, she got TONS of hate. People are outraged at the fact that this is still a thing in 2019.

But apparently, it isn't what we think...

But she responded to all the hate.

Dakota Fanning | Instagram

So, maybe we should wait and see the movie, but on the other hand, maybe we should have fewer movies about white people in Africa.

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