Street Artist Brings Life To New York With Faces In Strange Places

Are you a fan of street art? I definitely am. But I'm not just talking about ordinary graffiti type of street art. I'm talking about using ordinary objects and turning them into whimsical works of art.

That's exactly what Tom Bob, a street artist has been doing on the streets of New York, in Massachusetts, as well as California, and Florida. You absolutely won't believe his imagination and creativity.

1. Pizza Anyone?

Why stare at just a typical manhole when you can start dreaming of your dinner right now. Pizza anyone? Oh, yes, please. Ha, ha. Looks yummy.

2. Diamond Ring

OMG, how clever is this? He turned a typical bike rack into a diamond engagement ring. Are you in love with this too? Please say yes.

3. Pink Flamingo

Oh, the kids must be loving this super cute pink flamingo Tom painted in front of their school. This would make me smile every single day.

4. Gator Warning

I hope this isn't a typical sight in Miami with gators crawling out of the manholes. LOL. But as street art, this is simply genius.

5. Wag The Dog

Pipes sticking out of the walls aren't usually a pretty sight. But this cheeky street art should give you a bit of a laugh.

6. You've Got The Key To My Heart

For a romantic like me, this is precious. This type of street art is something I would love to see more of.

7. Frogging About

Ha, ha, ha. How fun is this piece? I can't get over the type of imagination this street artist has. This is too awesome for words.

8. Just A Lizzard

I've always been attracted to all kinds of lizards and geckos even as a child. So this super cool street art is right up my alley.

9. Peace Out

What a cool way to celebrate the awesome life of the genius that was Stephen Hawking. I bet he would get such a kick out of this.

10. Look At The Caterpillar

Well, I've never seen air conditoning vents quite like this before. This is one way to pretty up something that's not that pretty.

11. Breakfast Is Served

Okay, this is seriously making me hungry. But it would be so much fun to pass this awesomeness by every day on my way to work. Now, let's eat.

12. Men At Work

I wonder what the construction workers think of Tom Bob's street art. I bet they're totally loving it just as we are. Makes things less bleak.

13. Indy's Obsession

Remember when Indiana Jones was so afraid of snakes? Haha. I love how this scene is depicted here right on the street. Such a sense of humor.

14. Green Octopus

For an octopus lover, this street art is truly the best. I would love to walk by this awesome piece every day if I could.

15. Raccoon Eyes

A raccoon may not be the most adorable creature but when done by Tom Bob like this it actually is. Look at those cute eyes.

16. The Cutest Manhole Ever

Who can resist smiling when looking at this manhole makeover? I can't. This is not only the sweetest little piggy but I'm loving the pink.

17. Xylophone Players Bench

Who wouldn't want to sit at this whimsical and musical bench? Now, this ordinary metal bench looks so much more inviting and colorful, too. So awesome.

18. The Big Apple

A visit to the Big Apple wouldn't be complete without a visit to ... The Big Apple naturally. Catch this beauty at 416 Graham Ave.

19. Naughty Or Nice

Be a good Santa's helper and give generously this holiday season. This is such an awesome reminder to not be selfish this Christmas. Thumbs up.

20. Rad Cyclops

Whoa, this cyclops literally pops right out. This street art looks like it's actually animated. I love this super cool and colorful scene in motion.

21. Street Salesman

Don't fall prey to this shady street salesman lol. Even though his merchandise may seem nice I doubt it's legit. Ha, ha, ha. How creative.

22. All Smiles

Instagram | @tombomnyc

I love how Tom can create the most imaginative scenes out of ordinary objects. This is so cool!

Wow, I'm simply blown away by this guy's creativity.

I really wish he could do street art all over my city. It would definitely liven things up a lot.