'13 Reasons Why' Star Quits Instagram After Being Bullied Online

Is that irony? A character on a show that takes a strong stance against bullying gets bullied online?

It probably is irony, but the sad kind of irony, like that one Alanis Morissette song.

Well, you've done it again internet.


Good job guys, you got another person to quit social media by bullying them relentlessly. You should all be proud of yourselves.

This time, it was Grace Saif, star of 13 Reasons Why.

And why was the internet bullying her on this particular day?


Glad you asked, reader because it was for pretty much the same reason the internet always bullies people: stupid stuff.

They were giving her crap about the things her character did. A fictional character on a TV show. They gave a real-life person hell over it.

And so, after a while, she deleted everything on Instagram.


Which is really a shame. Everyone should have access to Instagram, no matter what their characters do on the screen.

What's next, internet? You're going to bully Jeremy Irons because he killed Mufasa?

Luckily, her friends have come out in support.

Saif’s co-star Timothy Granaderos obviously came out and defended her, because this whole situation is beyond ridiculous.

He sent out a heartwarming Instagram post, reminding viewers not to give people flak for what their characters do.