Tiny House Listings

This Cozy Tiny Mobile Home Has A Porch Swing And A Full-On Greenhouse Attached To It

Tiny homes continue to be all the rage. People are beginning to take steps to live more minimally and be more environmentally friendly, and many of these tiny homes offer a way of life that meets all that criteria.

This tiny house with a porch swing and greenhouse proves that tiny homes can feel just like home.

Do you love tiny homes? Do you love plants? Well, then this tiny home is the perfect abode for you!

Tiny House Listings

Called The Elsa, this tiny home is packed with everything you need, especially if you enjoy spending time outside basking in nature.

Most homes don't even have a porch swing, but this one sure does!

Tiny House Listings

You can swing back, relax, and enjoy looking at all your plants thriving in the attached greenhouse.

This ultra-trendy tiny home has the cutest bedroom loft to really maximize the tiny 28′ x 8.5' space.

Tiny House Listings

It also includes a full-size gas oven, sink, shower, plenty of counter space, shelving, lighting, and a pull-out sofa.

Now, unfortunately you can't buy it, as it's been sold for $81K, but it is definitely gives some serious tiny home inspo!

Tiny House Listings

I would definitely consider living in this home, would you?

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