Iron Man Statue Erects In Italy For Tony Stark's Sacrifice In ‘Endgame’

It's true, we will never forget the sacrifice that billionaire and philanthropist Tony Stark made for us.

When Thanos threatened our precious earth, only he and the Avengers stood in the way.

2019 was a hard year for planet earth.

The Amazon is burning to the ground, Florida is about to get hit by a massive hurricane and once again, the world was attacked by an evil space overlord named Thanos.

Luckily, we had the Avengers to protect us.


Earth's mightiest heroes not only saved us from yet another invasion, but they also manipulated time in order to get some of our greatest heroes back from Thanos' deadly snap.

However, in the battle, we lost one of the best.


Tony Stark, also known as "Iron Man".

He used the Infinity Stones in order to snap Thanos and his army out of existence, ensuring that no one could ever threaten our precious planet again.

In his memory, a statue has been erected in Italy.

It's in Forte Dei Marmi in Tuscany, Italy. The plaque on it reads:

"We celebrate Tony Stark as a man who dedicates his life's fortunes to fight for the ideals he believes in ... reminding us that we are all the protagonists of our time - that the future of humanity depends on our decisions ... that all of us must be heroes!"