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Instagram Model Fakes Travel Photos: ‘I Honestly Can't Believe How Far This Went’

Everyone loves posting photos of themselves in exotic locales. Seriously, even if you're not much for Insta posts, if you're in Bali or somewhere, how are you not going to post a snap or two?

Have you ever thought that it might be easier to just fake it?

We live in a world of influencers.

On social media platforms, particularly Instagram, a sizable number of people have racked up tons of followers by posting beautifully composed photos of themselves in far-flung locales. It's a bit weird and it's a bit narcissistic, but this is our reality.

Let's talk about Tupi Saravia.

Instagram | @tupisaravia

Saravia, who hails from Buenos Aires, has an impressive 311,000 followers on her Instagram page. She's done this through posting photogenic photos of herselves in photogenic locations around the world.

She gets around.

Instagram | @tupisaravia

Saravia's posts place her all over Europe, throughout the tropics and into the Americas and Asia. But there's a bit of a twist here. You'll need to pay close attention to these photos to understand it.

See it yet?

Instagram | @tupisaravia

This picturesque pose of Saravia in the gorgeous emerald-green water of Koh Rok, Thailand, is a perfect example of what Instagram influencers are going for. Each of Saravia's posts gets all kinds of positive engagement.

Here she is in Italy.

Instagram | @tupisaravia

Even though these photos were taken in different countries (different continents even), there's a weird similarity going on — and it doesn't have to do with the fact that the same model is seen in each one.

It's a bit subtle, but it's there.

Instagram | @tupisaravia

For those who follow Instagram models to satisfy their latent wanderlust, these are some standard pics. But if you're viewing them with an eagle eye, something else eventually becomes apparent.

Blue skies, big smiles.

Instagram | @tupisaravia

Saravia posts pics that show not just varied locales, but also different activities. From hiking through grasslands in Southeast Asia to sunbathing in Italy, she showcases excellent composition in her vacation photos.

Things have hit a bit of a snag.

Instagram | @tupisaravia

It's hard to see things as a setback for Saravia, given that she's gained a few tens of thousands in the ensuing controversy. But one follower noticed something odd — and made sure to tell the world about it.

See it now?

Twitter | @MattNavarra

Whether she's in Thailand or Italy, Saravia somehow seems to constantly have the same set of clouds in the background. Either these clouds follow her around or something goofy is going on — a point illustrated by Matt Navarra on Twitter.

It caused much hand-wringing online.

Twitter | @Simon_Murdoch

To those who are sick of the altered reality of Instagram celebrities, Saravia's fakery must seem like a tipping poing. People come to Instagram for nice photos, but what if the photos are totally fake?

It was a tad overwhelming for Saravia.

Instagram | @tupisaravia

"I honestly can't believe how far this went," Saravia told Yahoo Lifestyle. She says she used an app called Quickshot to alter her photos, adding that she just really likes that specific cloud backdrop.

"I never underestimated my audience."

Instagram | @tupisaravia

Saravia defended herself by saying she just used some minor editing tricks and that it's not like she faked going to these places altogether, also saying that other influencers use similar tricks.

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