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Sofia Richie Rocked A 17-Year-Old Bikini And It's Not As Bad As We Thought It Would Be

Sofia Richie posted a photo on Instagram of herself in Italy for the Venice Film Festival, wearing a 17-year-old bikini, and quite frankly, we love it.

Surely, you've already heard all about the annual Venice Film Festival.

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Virtually every relevant celebrity heads to Italy that week to make an appearance.

Amongst those celebs, was Sofia Richie.

As far as we can tell, Sofia is not apart of any upcoming films or film-related projects.

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So, it's safe to assume that her only purpose at the Venice Film Festival is to snap a few photos and say she was there.

So, first of all, let's just briefly discuss Sofia's red carpet look at the festival.

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She was slaying as per usual.

I'm pretty convinced that Sofia Richie looks amazing at all times, and this was obviously no exception.

I kinda thought high-low skirts weren't a thing anymore. But apparently she's bringing them back in style.

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In conclusion, I stand by the fact that this was a lewk.

So, what else did Sofia do in Venice beside turn heads on the red carpet?

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She did what she does best: Post fire photos on Instagram making everybody and their mamas jealous of her life.

She shared this photo from Venice on her Instagram of herself wearing a vintage Christian Dior bikini.

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This definitely gives me early 2000s vibes and that's pretty much all I need to decide whether I like something or not.

If it doesn't remind me of the 90s or early 2000s, I don't want it.

Apparently, it's a Christian Dior design from 2002 and it's worth more than everything I own.

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According to Page Six, the bikini is worth $1,295 on luxury brand resale sites and is considered to be "super rare."

"In between looks," she captioned the photo.

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How is her in-between look also a look. Explain that to me.

"Gonna miss Venice, onto the next adventure," she continued.

I wish I was rich enough that in between red carpet looks I would be lounging in a $1,295 17-year-old bikini. If that isn't #Goals, I don't know what is.

The day I'm wearing a $1,295 bathing suit for fun is the day I'll know I made it.

Although fans often criticize Sofia's Instagram content — accusing her of photoshopping her photos — the feedback on this post was mostly positive.

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They unanimously in agreement that this bikini was everything.

Some fans didn't even care about Sofia Richie, they were too distracted by the beauty of the bikini.

Instagram | @sofiarichie

And I can't say I blame them.

Christian Dior is stealing the show!

Some fans are abandoning the Kylie Jenner bandwagon after seeing this photo.

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Uh oh, Kylie. Someone's coming for your spot and she's in a Christian Dior bikini dating your sister's ex-boyfriend.

I think we can all agree that Sofia has been leveling up non-stop lately.

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These bikini pics just confirmed it. Don't @ me.

We stan a queen!

Shout out to Sofia for bringing back high-low skirts and early 2000s Christian Dior bathing suits.

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She's a true trendsetter!

Let us know what you think of Sofia's vintage Christian Dior set.