You Can Sleepover In The 'Most Haunted Prison In The UK' If You're Brave Enough

I'm weird about scary things. Horror movies don't scare me, but I think that's because I'm completely separated from the actual horror. Horror video games are a bit harder, because even though the character isn't me, I'm still much more engaged.

In real life? Yeah, I'm a wimp. I have a firm "no scary" rule when going to escape rooms with friends and really don't like being outside after dark.

So yeah, a sleepover at HM Prison Shepton Mallet in the UK doesn't seem like my thing.


Mind you, I am totally fascinated by the place, which was a fully functional prison from 1625 to 2013, save for a brief closure in the 1930s. I'd definitely be up for a tour in daylight.

But you'd have to pay me an awful lot of money to even tempt me to sleep there.

Over almost 400 years, a lot of prisoners have lived and died on the grounds.


According to Bump in the Night Paranormal UK, which runs the overnight ghost hunts:

"Cell doors are regularly heard opening and slamming shut for no reason, Footsteps are heard on the walkways and along the corridors. Ghostly figures are also seen moving around the prison in the dead of night."

Part of why it may be thought to be haunted is due to the standards of British executions until the mid-20th Century.


After prisoners were executed, they were buried within the grounds in unmarked graves.

Which definitely sounds like the ingredients needed for a good haunting.

So would you be brave enough to stay the night?


Admittedly, whether you believe in ghosts or not, a night in an abandoned prison would be pretty spooky.

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