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Boston's 'Straight Pride Parade' Draws More Counter Protesters Than Supporters

Saturday's 'Straight Pride Parade' in downtown Boston drew plenty of supporters, but those people were dwarfed by the overwhelming amount of counter protesters who showed up to taunt the marchers, CNN reported.

The parade also attracted a heavy police presence who ended up making nearly three dozen arrests by the end of the controversial event.

Boston's "Straight Pride Parade" has been met with immense controversy since it was first given the green light in June.

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The event was organized by Super Happy Fun America (SHFA), a group which reportedly believes straight people have been "oppressed" and had their voices silenced by the LGBTQ+ community.

According to the group's website, the parade is meant to "celebrate the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community."

Opponents of the celebration have accused organizers of promoting LGBTQ+ hate and violence.

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Many have pointed out that pride parades were not born out of a need to simply celebrate homosexuality, but to recognize their identity in a society that so often refuses to do the same.

"So instead of wondering why there isn't a straight pride movement, be thankful you don't need one," a counter protest slogan reads.

Around 200 "straight pride" enthusiasts showed up to march in the parade.

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Many of those taking part in the celebration proudly declared themselves Trump supporters when prompted from event organizers.

Their "straight pride" chants were met with counter-chants from thousands of opponents who lined the streets of downtown Boston and drowned out the anti-LGBTQ+ cries that filled the city's core from marchers.

"Alt right, get off our streets, no justice, no peace."

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The counter-protesters actually outnumbered event supporters, and even Marty Walsh, the mayor of Boston, condemned the celebration, encouraging residents to avoid it and instead partake in other events and block parties throughout the city.

Many straight pride marchers carried signs featuring pro-Trump, pro-military and pro-wall sentiments.

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Some of these slogans included "Support Our Troops", as well as "Build The Wall And Crime Will Fall." One man danced along the parade route, carrying his own sign that read, "It's Great To Be Straight."

These people were met with counter-protesters, some of whom carried their own signs bearing their own slogans. A few members of both sides ended up in heated arguments.

A total of 36 people were arrested at the event, and nine others were transported to local hospitals with undisclosed injuries.

Despite the fact that they were outnumbered, event organizers called the parade a success and said they hope to make it an annual event.

Mayor Walsh took to Twitter following the event to reiterate that the parade "won't overshadow the tremendous role Boston plays in the national movement for equality."

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