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'Catastrophic' Hurricane Dorian Upgraded To Category 5 As Storm Nears U.S. Coast

On Sunday, Hurricane Dorian was officially upgraded to a Category 5 storm as it bears down on the Bahamas and continues on its trajectory towards the U.S. coast, New York Post reported.

Although it appears the hurricane is slowing down, devastation is expected to worsen as the full force of the storm will be concentrated over specific areas.

The National Hurricane Center issued a Tweet on Sunday morning warning of the hurricane's elevated category.

In addition to revealing the increased strength of the storm, the NHC also issued a separate advisory: “Life-threatening storm surge and very heavy rainfall also expected... Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion."

The center of the "catastrophic hurricane" is expected to hit the hit the Abaco Islands.

Dorian will bring with it “devastating winds” exceeding 200 mph and up to 30-inches of rainfall, as well as potential storm surges of 20 feet. Ken Grahm of NHC dubbed the slow-moving, destructive storm a "very treacherous, very dangerous, life-threatening situation" for the targeted islands.

“You’re talking a major hurricane over the Bahamas for 30 hours plus,” he said. “It’s gonna be very bad for the Bahamas."

After battering the Bahamas, the storm is expected to move northeast towards Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

The NHC has already issued warnings for these areas, compelling residents to stock up on emergency supplies as they prepare to bear the force of the approaching hurricane. Dorian is expected to deliver heavy rain with the risk of flash floods.

"We have to be ready for this storm," Graham warned. "A very powerful, dangerous storm."