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Cauldron Skittles Are Back To Spook Your Taste Buds this Halloween

What's the best part about Halloween season? Good question. It could be the costumes, or maybe the decorations, or even the movies if you're a big horror flick fan. But for most of us, the answer is simple: candy.

And thankfully, our favorite candy brands are already introducing the sweetest treats this spooky season has to offer.

Skittles has already begun releasing some amazing Halloween flavors.

Mars Wrigley

Zombie Skittles is a brand new pack of the miniature candies featuring some delicious flavors... plus a few not-so-delicious pieces that actually taste rotten on purpose.

But if you're in the mood for something a little less "trick" and a little more "treat", they've got you covered, too

Cauldron Skittles are back just in time for Halloween 2019 and everything is right in the world.

If you haven't tried this festive candy pack before, you've definitely been missing out because these things are a Halloween must-have. They originally debuted back in October 2016 and have made their glorious return every Halloween since then.

According to Best Products, each appropriate orange-colored bag contains five flavors: Twisted Tangerine, Boogey Berry, Lurking Lemon, Petrified Pear, and Gripping Grape.

September has only just begun, but these spooky snacks are already ready and available for you to indulge.

You can pick up your pack at your favorite local candy retailer, like Target. They're available in fun-sizes for you to hand out to the kiddos on Halloween. Or, if you prefer, buy an entire box just for yourself because you're an adult and you're worth it.

h/t: Best Products