Statensvegvesen | Lars Grimsby

The Most Beautiful Rest Stop Bathroom In The World Can Be Found In Norway

Our expectations for public restrooms are pretty simple: clean, private, stocked with toilet paper, and all plumbing in working order.

On long car rides, our standards may drop in proportion to how long we've had to hold it. We may prefer a nice Interstate rest stop, but we'll take the shady gas station in an emergency.

Whatever your preference, "beauty" doesn't usually make the list of requirements

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Frankly, having no stall door gap ranks higher on my priorities than aesthetics.

But if there was ever a public restroom worth traveling for, it's probably this one in Norway.

Statensvegvesen | Lars Grimsby

The rest stop can be found along the Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten, which is a common tourist road trip. It's along the coast at the Uredd rest area (Ureddplassen) which doubles as a scenic overlook.

The rest stop was renovated as part of a beautification process along the entire scenic route.

Statensvegvesen | Lars Grimsby

Ureddplassen is a popular stop for tourists and residents, since besides an incredible view of the sea and fjords, it's a perfect place to see the Northern Lights in the winter.

In summer, you can also get a beautiful view of the midnight sun.

The restroom is meant to look as though it curved out of the concrete amphitheater.

Statensvegvesen | Lars Grimsby

Solar panels on the angled roof provide the power needed for lights and a small maintenance closet is tucked behind the bathroom.

There are plenty of benches and tiered seating for people to relax and enjoy the views.

Ureddplassen is also home to a WWII memorial recognizing the lives that were lost when the Uredd submarine was sunk and 40 men died.

If I ever get the opportunity to travel more, I'm definitely adding this to the list of places to visit!

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