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This Guy's Hilarious 'Sexy' Pics For His Lady Have Gone Viral

I know that we're in a stage of our culture where gendered expectations and emotional labor are thorny subjects. Whether you think things should go back to the "good ol' days" or that we need to crush the patriarchy, we should all be able to laugh at this story.

Michael Oonk was home alone and decided to do some tidying.

Facebook | Michael Oonk

He told Bored Panda that his girlfriend Laine was volunteering at women's shelter and he figured it was a good time to get stuff done.

He thought it would be funny to take photos as he completed each task.

Facebook | Michael Oonk

Then he shared them on Facebook with the caption: "How to send sexy pictures to your lady."

What he thought would be a funny joke with friends and family hit a nerve.

Facebook | Michael Oonk

The post raked in more than 400,000 shares. Presumably, many were by wives to their own husbands.

The comments are actually a nice mix.

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Sure, you get a lot of women joking that they wish their partners would help out more, but there are also plenty that shared how much they love their partner for helping without prompting.

With such a wide variety of comments, it's a good sign that things are shifting.

Facebook | Michael Oonk

Meanwhile, other men in the comments also found it funny and couldn't help but note how much attention Michael was receiving from the ladies.

One said: "When your housework brings all the moms to the yard." Which is pretty hilarious.

h/t: Bored Panda