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Tourist Filmed Biting Chicken Seller's Hand While Trying To Liberate Caged Birds

A female tourist was recently filmed screaming at locals and then biting the hand of a Moroccan market vendor as she attempted to rescue his caged chickens, Daily Mail reported.

The incident has caused major outrage in Morocco with some accusing the woman of disrespecting the country's culture.

In the video, the unnamed woman begins by yelling at various merchants in the street market in Tangiers, Morocco.

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A crowd begins to gather as the woman, who is believed to be from Britain, berates the various sellers, accusing them of being illiterate.

"Are you all that uneducated?" she demands, jabbing her fingers at the merchants. "You can't read, you can't read can you? You can't [expletive] read. Are you that [expletive] thick, you dumb [expletive]?"

She eventually notices she's being filmed and flips off the person holding the phone before continuing.

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At this point in the video, she decides to take drastic measures and climbs atop one merchant's cages, inside of which he has several chickens available for purchase.

The man attempts to hold his cage closed while the tourist repeatedly tries to pry it open.

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She screams at him to "get off" and at one point even goes so far as to actually lean down and bite the man's hand in an effort to get him to let go so she can free the caged birds.

Later, the same woman pushes at various market goers and tells them, "You don't treat animals like that."

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Eventually, the crowd managed to subdue the woman long enough to hand her over to the police, who then took her to the hospital and had her admitted for a hysterical episode rather than charge her.

Watch the full video below.

People who watched the video are outraged at the woman's blatant disrespect towards another culture.

After the video was posted to Reddit, various users condemned the tourist's actions.

"Go push your cultural beliefs in your own country, stay away if you don't like it," one person wrote, while another added, "Even if they let her free the chickens, what does she think will happen? They'll just roam freely in the city?"

A fellow Brit attempted to apologize for the bold tourist and said, "On behalf of the sane British public, I apologize for this simply atrocious behavior."

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