Unsplash | Katya Austin

Guy Becomes Social Media Star Thanks To His Five-Inch-Long Thumb

I think it's pretty safe to say that there are probably eleventy-billion get-rich-quick guides out there that claim to know exactly how to become internet famous:

How to master the art of the dank meme. How to create the perfect flat lay photo. Which hashtags will get you the most bang for your limited character count.

But 20 year-old Jacob Pina is once again proving that no amount of analysis can ever really predict the internet.

Twitter | @PinaR6S

That's because when Jacob decided to join Tik Tok he figured that he'd share something that made him a little more unique.

You see, Jacob's right thumb is five inches long.

If it's hard to picture without context, Jacob's thumb is just about as long as an iPhone X screen.

Twitter | @PinaR6S

Because I can't help myself, I measured by own thumb and it's 2.2 inches on the inside edge. So Jacob's is more than twice that. Heck, my ring finger is barely more than 3 inches.

In one video, he says, "Yes, it is very long; yes, it is real and, yes, I have never lost a thumb battle."

Like, who would even bother to challenge him to one?!

And if you think we're exaggerating about how popular his bizarre digit is, his subscriber count is proof.

In 24 hours, he went from 31 followers to 102,000 followers. He's also gained the nickname "Thumb Boy".

It just goes to show that the trick to being internet famous may be that there's no trick at all.

Maybe you just need to find what makes you unique and share it. No overpriced "How To Get Rich On Social Media" guides required.