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Stores In Florida Are Selling Hurricane-Themed Cakes As Dorian Approaches

As hurricane Dorian quickly closes in on Florida's east coast, some bakeries are looking to lighten the mood and put a smile back on worried locals' faces with hurricane-themed desserts.

According to CNN, the trend began with a decorated cookie at a Publix location and has since snowballed into a trend of selling uniquely on-theme hurricane cakes before Dorian touches down. But while some have been delighted to enjoy the delectably disaster-themed treats, others haven't been so supportive.

It all started with an oversize cookie decorated to match Dorian's impending path.

Neptune Beach Publix cake decorator Jessica Gouin is responsible for the controversial design, which she said she randomly came up with while talking about the storm with a co-worker.

"I was with a co-worker and said 'I’m going to put a hurricane on a cake!'" she explained. "They took off after I put them in our display case. I haven’t stopped making them yet."

Although Gouin said the cookies were meant to bring “people joy or a smile during these stressful times,” they were met with some criticism, too.

However, other's have come to Publix's defense and embraced the hurricane designs, insisting they're not in bad taste and that people need this sort of lighthearted humor in the face of the impending storm.

"I am born and raised here in Florida, still am actually, and I did not find this offensive what so ever," one user wrote. "In matter of fact I want it THANK @publix for making any situation better! There are lots of people like me who stay and party, and will gladly buy that cake!"

In the 24 hours since the Publix cookie first went viral, dozens of other hurricane-themed treats have popped up around the state.

This round cake appropriately decorated to resemble the storm was spotted at another Publix location, which someone said would be used as part of their "hurricane party".

The chain has even taken the original cookie design and given it a bit of an upgrade.

Personally, I think these cakes are all in good fun and will definitely bring some joy to people who are otherwise probably feeling a little scared about the storm heading their way. And as long as these people are also stocking up on other supplies in addition to these sweet treats, where's the harm?

In the supposed words of the queen of controversy herself, Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat cake!"

h/t: CNN