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Starbucks' Tortoiseshell Reusable Cup Is The Only Fall Accessory We Need

People go crazy for Starbucks and their merchandise! I mean, the company pretty much shaped society's taste buds to love for all things pumpkin spice, and not long ago, their studded matte black tumbler completely took the Internet by storm.

Now they're coming at us with this tortoiseshell print reusable cold cup, and people are losing their minds about them.

I can totally see why people are going wild for this tortoiseshell print tumbler.

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Tortoiseshell is such a classic and timeless print — it goes with everything, and it looks good on anyone.

Reusable cups are all about displaying your personal style, and this one is so chic for the fall.

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Even though they've been out since the spring, it seems like people are just beginning to pick up on how awesome they are as fall approaches.

A little birdie told me they're going fast, so you'd better head to your local 'Bux ASAP to get yours!

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If you can't find it in store, I bet you can score one off eBay. That is, if people are even willing to give up this amazing find!