10+ Facts About The Cast Of 'Friends' That Are Darker Than Phoebe's Past

Oh, that's right Friends fans, things are about to get real dark.

No more are the fun-filled, fluffy articles of the past. We're going to dig deep in this one.

Matthew Perry's Pill Addiction


Pretty much everybody knows about this one (probably much to the dismay of Perry), but Matthew Perry had a bit of a pill addiction during the show's run.

It was so bad he's said he "doesn't remember three years of the show".

Matt LeBlanc Blindsided His Wife With Divorce


Out of absolutely nowhere, in 2006, Matt LeBlanc completely surprised everyone with the fact that he wanted a divorce...even his wife, Melissa!

On January 18th of that year, he randomly moved out of the house. And then his wife found out he'd been involved with another woman!

Lisa Kudrow Got Sued


By none other than her ex-manager, who claimed she still owed him residuals.

After a long time in court, they eventually ruled in the manager's favor and Kudrow had to fork over 1.6 million dollars.

Courteney Cox's Cosmetic Enhancements


While we've seen it going on for a while, Courteney Cox has finally admitted to going a little overboard with all the cosmetic enhancements.

Since then, she has switched to more "natural" treatments.

Aniston's Wedding


If you were on a show like Friends for so long, you'd expect your "Friends" to invite you to their wedding, right?

Well, this was not the case for Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc when it came to Aniston's wedding.

Courteney Cox's Divorce Was Weird


So, when Courteney Cox and her husband of 11 years, David Arquette, decided to get divorced in 2011, they didn't actually get it finalized until 2013.

They said it was because they were "still friends"...weird.

Matt LeBlanc Had Two DUIs


Matt LeBlanc, shame on you.

While he admits he was young and stupid at the time and would never do it again, it's still not great to be driving under the influence.

Matt LeBlanc Had A Weird Time With A Stripper


Alright, so Matt LeBlanc was on a motorcyle trip when suddenly he stops at a strip club.

Suddenly, the stripper starts getting all weird and aggressive, and LeBlanc said he got out of there immediately.

LeBlanc Is A Cheater?


In 2014, there were rumors going around that Matt LeBlanc had cheated on his long-time girlfriend, Andrea Anders, at a Halloween party.

While he may have denied it, the pair split only a year later.

Matthew Perry Missed The 'Friends' Reunion


For those of you who missed out on the 2016 live Friends reunion, you're actually a lot more like Matthew Perry than you might think.

Apparently, he was rehearsing for a play in London at the time.

Jennifer Aniston Pissed Off A Widow


She made comments about an ex-boyfriend who had died of cancer saying that while he may have been the one, he couldn't be anymore.

His widow, Mujah Maraini-Melehi, accused her of exploiting her ex-husband's memory.

Matt LeBlanc Had Trouble With His Fame


You'd think Joey Tribbiani would be the last person to struggle with being famous, and yet here we are.

In an interview, he told people that he could "barely leave the house" and often didn't.

David Schwimmer Had Trouble As Well


Not only because he could hardly leave the house without people swarming him, but because it messed up his whole approach to acting.

He used to sit and observe people to get ideas, but he couldn't do that anymore without being recognized.

Nobody Will Let Jennifer Aniston Forget About Brangelina


After she and Brad Pitt divorced in 2005, people couldn't help but wonder if he had hooked up with Angelina Jolie, his costar for Mr. And Mrs. Smith.

Years later, people are still talking about it!

Matt and Jen had an affair...


At least according to Matt LeBlanc's father.

Apparently, according to him, the two would kiss in the dressing room after takes... and this is while Jen was married to Brad Pitt!

Matt LeBlanc Also Had A Romance With Kate Hudson


That has been described as "scandalous".

So the two were caught kissing at a bar. Doesn't seem like a big deal, right? Well, what if I told you Kate Hudson was a minor at the time.

Uh oh.

They Had One Huge Vegas Trip Before The Show


After filming the first episode, everyone had a feeling about Friends.

So, taking their one last shot at anonymity, the showrunners took the cast to Vegas.

We'll never know what really happened, because what happens in Vegas...

They All May Have Gotten Romantic Behind The Scenes


During an Andy Cohen Friends tribute show, he asked the cast if they ever broke the "no romance" clause in their contract.

This was met with giggling and David Schwimmer finally saying: "it was broken".

Ross And Rachel Were Never Supposed To Be A Couple


But after seeing how good the chemistry between David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston was, the writers just had to put them together!

And it's a good thing too, they're one of the most loved TV couples in history.

They Buried Matt LeBlanc's Mugshot


The people behind Friends didn't want people to see what Matt LeBlanc looked like in a mugshot after his two DUI arrests, so his marketing team made sure it didn't go public.

Courteney Cox's Husband Believed She Had An Affair


Specifically, he thought she was getting it on with Brian Von Holt who played Harlan on the show.

He went on Oprah to say: "I thought she was having an affair with someone. Nobody would've said something like that if she weren't."

Matthew Perry Has Nightmares About The 'Friends' Reunion


Apparently, and keep in mind this is an actual quote from Matthew Perry, he thinks:

"I have this recurring nightmare - I’m not kidding about this. When I’m asleep, I have this nightmare that we do Friends again and nobody cares."

Jennifer Aniston Almost Quit The Show


Specifically, she was about done around the last season.

It was actually Matt Lauer who reported on this, claiming she hated the filming schedule, plus all the outside drama.

That's enough to make anyone quit!

The 9/11 Cut


There was supposed to be a scene in an airport where Chandler made a joke about hijacking planes.

Obviously, this was cut after 9/11.

And you ever notice how they never mention it in the show? Despite living in New York?

Lisa Kudrow Refused To Learn To Play Guitar


Which explains why Pheobe can't play.

She apparently wanted to play an easier instrument, stating:

"I wasn’t getting it. I think I even asked ‘what if she plays the bongos?’”

Matt LeBlanc Hurt Himself On Set


During the episode "The One Where No-One’s Ready" Matt LeBlanc raced towards a chair at some point and completely obliterated his shoulder.

Poor guy. Man, that has got to suck.

Matthew Perry Lost So Much Weight Because Of His Self-Help Program


There was a lot of weight fluctuation for Matthew Perry during the show's run because of his addiction.

However, according to him, it was because of the self-help programs that he lost a lot of weight.

Chandler Was Awkward Because So Was Matthew Perry


Chandler wasn't always supposed to be an awkward guy around the ladies, but the writers decided to reflect his actor in their writing.

Yes, as it turns out, Matthew Perry doesn't have very good game.

David Schwimmer Put An End To The Reunion


People started getting all excited when Lisa Kudrow hinted at a Friends reunion, but David quickly put a stop to that.

He said on Meghan Kelly Tonight:

"I doubt (there will be a reunion). I really doubt it. But thank you for asking, and moving on."

Courteney Cox Randomly Halted Production Of 'Cougar Town'


This one is less dark and more mysterious. In 2009, out of nowhere, Ms. Cox halted the production of Cougar Town for what she said was a "private family matter."

Since then, nothing has been revealed about the stop.

Schwimmer Made His Neighbours Mad


While most of the time his private life is boring, David actually had some trouble with his NYC neighbors when he tore down an 1852 townhouse to build a new one.

They even spray-painted "Ross Is Not Cool" on a nearby fence.

Jennifer Aniston Was Estranged From Her Mother


Ever since her mom Nancy Dow published a tell-all tale about her and Aniston, Jen has tried to steer clear of her. At least until 2015, when she reported they were all fine.

However, she didn't like how critical her mom was of her.