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Man Sues Popeyes For Running Out Of Its Coveted Chicken Sandwich

If you haven't heard about Popeyes' new crispy chicken sandwich by now, you must deliberately be going out of your way to avoid it because this thing is everywhere. At least, news about it is. The actual sandwich? Not so much.

Since debuting the new menu item earlier this month, Popeyes locations haven't been able to meet the unprecedented demand from passionate chicken fiends, and they keep running out. And honestly, it's making some people do some pretty crazy things.

One man is so broken up about not getting his hands on a sandwich that he's taking legal action.

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According to NBC News, Craig Barr from Tennessee has filed a lawsuit against Popeyes, alleging the company engaged in "false advertising" and "deceptive business practices by entity to public."

So basically, this guy is claiming he got straight up duped by the fried chicken company, simply because he wasn't able to satisfy his chicken sandwich craving. And he thinks they should be held accountable for not being able to meet the hype they created.

Barr is representing himself in the case and is seeking $5,000 in damages.

What exactly do those damages entail? Well, according to him, this includes "countless time wasted driving to and from Popeyes."

"No chicken sandwich," he reported in his lawsuit. "Was told to come back this day — still no sandwich."

Barr says his troubles lead to his car suffering rim and tire damage totaling $1,500.

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He also alleges he was "hustled" after responding to an ad on Cragislist from someone who claimed they could get people chicken sandwiches, for the low-low price of $24. Barr paid the person his money but never got his sandwich.

After desperately driving from location to location, Barr says his friends laughed at his efforts, leading to significant humiliation.

For Barr, the greatest damage comes from the promise of the crispy chicken meal, but no follow-through.

"I can't get happy; I have this sandwich on my mind," he told the Times Free Press. "I can't think straight. It just consumes you."

In fact, Barr thinks there's a bigger conspiracy at work here than locations simply running out of supplies: "It's totally deceptive. Who runs out of chicken? It's a big fiasco. Someone has to stand up to big corporate."

A court date has been set for October 28.

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