Eiko Ishizawa

Hibernate 'Til Spring In Cozy Bear Sleeping Bag

There are some wild products out there, that's for sure. And while we think they may be super weird and bizarre, there's no denying we want to secretly try them out.

Like this massive black bear sleeping bag.

This wild bear sleeping bag is the genius creation of Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa.

Eiko Ishizawa

It was inspired by a real news story out of Bavaria in 2006. And honestly, it's kind of sad.

The bear traveled from the Italian side of the Alps to the Bavarian side, and caused some stir from the public as to whether to kill it or let it live.

Eiko Ishizawa

Unfortunately, people decided to kill him.

This sparked interest in Eiko, who wanted to explore the "contradictive relationship between admiration and love of mankind toward wild nature, and the boundaries we rarely brake."

Eiko recreated a look-alike version of the bear for people to experience themselves.

Eiko Ishizawa

And that is how this bear costume/sleeping bag came to be!

You could really scare a few people in this, to be honest.

Eiko Ishizawa

But, I'm not going to lie, it looks super comfy and warm, and would be perfect for a camping trip!