Fan Theory Suggests Maui From 'Moana' Caused The Death Of Lilo's Parents

These Disney fan theories are starting to sprawl into and over each other like a medieval king's family tree.

Did you know that Anna and Elsa's parents were actually turned into toys by the fates from Hercules?

Let's talk about 'Lilo and Stitch'.


It was a very charming movie with some very charming characters.

And since it's creation in 2002 it has had a very special place in our collective hearts.

And what about 'Moana'?


Sure, it is a lot later in the Disney-verse, and it was kind of overshadowed by the monster that was frozen, but it still had some catchy songs!

"You're Welcome"? Tell me that isn't a jam!

If only we could think of the two movies as one whole.


If only they were connected in some way, besides the fact that they are both set in the same kind of geographical area.

We don't live in that world, unfortunately.

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So that's it. The end of the article.

For the rest of this, you'll probably get some "You're Welcome" memes or something along those lines.

Wait a minute...


Because according to a Youtube video they might be connected by one of the most sinister things on the internet... that's right, it's a... (shudders) fan theory... oh god this can't be good.

It's nothing like Lilo getting eaten by Tamatoa or anything.


But it does involve some death, so buckle in folks.

One of the best parts of the movie is the relationship between Lilo and her sister, Nani.


But why does she live with older sister as her legal guardian?


Her parents are dead.


Washed away one fateful night on a car ride during a rainstorm. Tragic, really.

And it sucks extra because Lilo has developed a friend who can control the weather since.



Yes her fishy friend can control the weather.

This is why Lilo keeps feeding him sandwiches and why all the kids Lilo's age think she's a total weird-o.

But what does this have to do with Moana?


Well, do you know who else can control the weather (or, in the very least lasso the sun, which means we can probably assume he can do the latter)?

Maui, the demigod.

And you know what else Maui can do?


He can shapeshift into any animal.

That's right, he can become a giant hawk, he can become Sven from Frozen and he can probably become, oh, a little fish that eats sandwiches.

So maybe Maui was "just messin' around" as he sometimes is known to do.


And he created this great big storm that accidentally killed Lilo's poor parents.

And now that they're dead...

He feels bad.


And he turns into a fish so he can look after Lilo.

He might have even orchestrated her meeting with Stitch! However, I think that part is a lot less likely.

Here's the video.

Check it out for yourself and try to decide if this is the case.

I, for one, think it's pretty convincing, but you should be the judge yourself. Don't let me tell you what to think.