8+ Cleaning Hacks From Instagram That Are Actually Super Smart

Instagram is such a great place for looking at all the pretty pictures and updates from your friends. But did you know you can also get a load of hacks and tips there, too? I've stumbled upon some clever cleaning hacks on Instagram that actually make a lot of sense.

Here's a little taste of what I have found that will help you clean your house in a jiffy and have it smelling great in no time.

1. Clean Floors With The Right Cleaning Agent

Never risk damaging your floors again if you use the right cleaning agent. Use this helpful chart as a guide. You're welcome.

2. Get Your Rings To Shine Again

Instagram | @valley_greenery_farm

Is your jewelry starting to look dull? No problem. Just soak all your rings and chains in hydrogen peroxide to restore shine.

3. Wash Sheets Weekly

You'd be surprised how much nasty stuff your bed collects, including skin flakes and dust. So make sure you wash your sheets on a weekly basis to keep them free from bacteria and germs.

4. Degreaser To The Rescue

This stuff really works wonders. Not only does it dissolve all kinds of grease but it also gets your floors that much cleaner and shinier. Try it out.

5. Clean Your Furniture With Baking Soda

Instagram | @sipberes

Get rid of nasty odors like pet smells and general stink by sprinkling baking soda on your furniture and then vacuuming. Ah, now you can breathe easy.

6. Use Lemons To Eliminate Odor

If your garbage disposal is starting to stink up your house throw a few lemon rinds in there for that fresh citrus scent.

7. Remove Hard Water Stains With Lemon

Unsplash | Han Lahandoe

Aren't lemons the best? They're such handy cleaning helpers. You can rub a lemon on your shower to remove nasty water stains, according to Instagram users.

8. Use Vinegar To Clean Your Dishwasher

Just put a cup of vinegar in your dishwasher's top rack and run the cycle hot to remove all kinds of nasty grease.

9. Clean Fruits With Vinegar Wash

Easily get rid of wax on your fresh fruits when you put them in a vinegar soak for about 10 minutes. Then eat them and enjoy!

10. Use Baking Soda On Tough Stains

Those nasty grease splatter stains on the oven door are so annoying. Spray them with vinegar and scrub with baking soda and...voilà! This formula works like magic to get that door clean.

11. The Magic Duo

Again, vinegar and baking soda should really be best friends. They can help refresh your towels and get rid of that musky smell. Yay!

12. Sanitize Your Sponges

Instagram | @auntiebellacleaning

Those sponges can become a cesspool of bacteria over time. So just microwave them while they're damp for about two minutes or less to zap away germs.

13. Scrub Pyrex Glassware With Aluminum Foil And Soap

Place warm water and soap in your pyrex dish and grab a sheet of aluminum foil. Ball up the foil and begin using it to scrub your dish — the cooked-on food will start to come off right away. Isn't this trick just amazing? I had no idea about this and now I feel so empowered.

14. Easy Microwave Cleaning Hack

Again, lemons to the rescue. Soak a lemon in a bowl of vinegar and lemon juice for five minutes inside the microwave. The solution will steam clean your microwave and begin to lift off some of those stubborn stains. Then, just scrub away with a sponge!

15. Buy Some Scrub Daddy Sponges

Scrub Daddy products are a favorite of many Instagram users who say that they clean a number of tough spots around the home. There is an entire product line to tackle every room of your house, and, let's be honest, these are the cutest sponges on the market.

16. Or, Buy Some Silicone Sponges

These reusable silicone sponges from Teal Trunk last much longer than traditional sponges and have a flexible scrubbing pad. They are great to use in every room of the home — including the bathroom, in case someone misses the toilet.

17. Clean Your Oven Racks

If you want your oven racks to look like new, grab some aluminum foil and a dishwasher tablet. Wrap the racks in foil and place them to soak in a tub with hot water and the dishwasher tablet for a few hours. They will come out looking clean and shiny! I love hacks that require minimal scrubbing.

18. Get Your Copper Shiny Again

This Instagram user recommends using hot water and tamarind to help make copper shine again. Tamarind is a sour fruit that is popular in many Asian dishes like Pad Thai. By soaking copper in a mixture of about five liters of hot water and 200 grams of crushed tamarind for a day, this user said tarnishes and marks will simply wipe away.

19. The Ultimate Stain Remover

Here's another cleaning product Instagram users swear by: the Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover. This Instagram user said it's great for removing makeup stains from carpet in particular!

20. Use A Dish Brush In The Shower

You know those dish brushes that have a handle you can fill with soap or cleaning solutions? Apparently they work well in showers, too! Use them to get into all those nooks and crannies and make your shower sparkle.

21. Say Goodbye To Stubborn Tomato Sauce Stains

Instagram | @gathergrowth

Tomato sauce stains probably rank up there as one of the worst stains to clean. This Instagram user managed to do it by combining two products from Thieves in a dropper bottle: the Thieves household cleaner and the Thieves laundry soap. Together, they got this stain out in no time.

22. Clean Your Oven Door

This cleaner from FM World got a glowing review from this user who used it on their oven. As you can see, the cleaner completely transformed their oven and managed to get off all that built-up grime. FM World is a company based in the U.K. but you can purchase their products online.

23. Scrub With Salt

Instagram | @wheresmishu

Apparently, scrubbing cast iron pots with salt and a potato can help them shine. Look at this transformation! This pan looks as good as new.

Wow, there are so many amazing cleaning hacks that make me almost excited for the next cleaning day. Almost. LOL! But at least I'm excited to get stuff done faster.

What do you think of these hacks?

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