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High End Beauty Brand Dior Is Being Called Out For Cultural Appropriation

It's hard to believe that it's 2019 and some brands just haven't learned. Over the years, brands have been continuously slammed for cultural appropriation, but the constant public outcry doesn't seem to have stopped Dior from pushing forward with their latest Sauvage perfume campaign.

High-end brand Dior is in major hot water after releasing their latest perfume campaign.

It's for their latest Sauvage perfume that actor Johnny Depp is the face of.

In an Instagram teaser for the campaign Dior wrote, "An authentic journey deep into the Native American soul in a sacred, founding and secular territory," while a video of a Native American dancer plays.

Without a product description and only Instagram posts to rely on, it appears their inspiration is coming from the Native American community.

While they did write, "A film developed as a close collaboration between the House of Dior and Native American consultants from the 50-year old Indigenous advocacy organization, @americansforindianopportunity in order to respect Indigenous cultures, values and heritage," people are not buying it.

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Many Instagram and Twitter users are calling the brand out for using the word Sauvage next to Native American imagery, and they're outraged.

The French term translates to "wild" in English, which has been a long-standing known derogatory slur towards the Native American community.

People are also calling Dior out for cultural appropriation, as they are using Native American imagery to sell their own products.

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Instagram and Twitter users are calling for the brand to remove the campaign and make a public apology to the Native American community.

Drag Queen Shuga Cain questioned the logic behind the campaign.

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Others on Dior's Instagram posts were also wondering what creatives in the company were thinking.

This Instagram user sarcastically pointed out how the brand will react to the outcry, as most seem to do.

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Dior has yet to release a statement about their campaign.