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Viral Photo Shows Surgeon Sleeping After Completing Seven Operations With No Break

We've all had those exhausting work days that leave our bodies begging for the sweet, sweet relief of lying face-down on our beds as we nap our troubles away.

But not everyone has that option, and sometime brief, impromptu snoozes are all they can afford.

One surgeon has gone viral after he was pictured asleep on the floor of the operating room.

Longgang Central Hospital

While this alone would tell you this doctor has had a pretty long day, the photo is made even more poignant when you find out the nap has come after completing seven straight operations without a single break in between them.

The man in the photo, Dr. Dai Yu is the deputy director at the Orthopaedic Department of Longgang Central Hospital in Shenzhen, southern China.

Longgang Central Hospital

He and his team began work at around 8 a.m. on the day the picture was taken. They were tasked with an astounding 10 surgeries that day, and they got right to work, successfully completing seven consecutive procedures in a row.

They eventually stopped at around 5 p.m. as they were preparing for the eighth operation. Spying his opportunity for a break, Yu chose the operating theater floor as the perfect spot for a quick 10 minute break that accidentally turned into a 10 minute nap, one which his colleague snapped a picture of.

That's right, after completing SEVEN surgeries, Dr. Yu took only a 10 minute nap to recharge his understandably well-depleted batteries.

Longgang Central Hospital

After catching some Z's, Yu awoke and carried on with the remaining three procedures the team had lined up for the rest of the day.

When all was said and done, he had spent a total of 13 hours in that operating room, not actually leaving until around 9 p.m. once all the operations were finished.

His colleague took that candid photo of Dr. Yu sleeping and uploaded it to social media where it quickly blew up.

Unsplash | Marcel Scholte

If his commitment to his job wasn't enough to make you admire this man, it's worth noting that Yu has stayed remarkably humble, despite this photo rocketing him to viral stardom and earning him great praise among his many admirers.

He told Longgang Channel that it was his responsibility to complete all 10 of those procedures as soon as possible so he can help his patients recover.

He also added that his goal was to perfect his surgical skills and make his operations shining examples for his peers, which I'm sure is exactly what he did.