Mom With 'PB4WEGO' Vanity License Plate Wins Battle With State To Keep It

We all know the drill. Whenever you're going anywhere with the kids, even if it's just a short car ride to the store, there's one question we always ask: "Did you go to the bathroom?"

Most of the time, the answer is something along the lines of, "I don't have to go," which then compels us to demand that they try anyway because we are not stopping anywhere.

One New Hampshire mom has clearly experienced this exact scenario plenty of times before.

Facebook | Wendy Auger

Perhaps in a nod to the ever-constant pre-car ride routine, she had a vanity license plate made that reads "PB4WEGO." And she's kept that plate on her vehicle for over 15 years without any problems.

Until last year, that is.

Reddit | heckitsjames

Mom of four Wendy Auger was told to surrender her unique plate because it was deemed inappropriate by the state of New Hampshire, CNN reported.

And this seemed to be based on a technicality.

On August 16, 2019 Auger received a recall letter in the mail from the Department of Safety of Motor Vehicles.

Facebook | Wendy Auger

The letter stated that she was being told to surrender the plate because it featured a phrase referring to "sexual or excretory acts or functions."

She was given 10 days to surrender the plate with the option of choosing a new one or having one assigned to her at no extra cost.

Auger, who said she is no "political activist," felt that her plate was "non-offensive" and that there was "zero reason for them to take it away."

Facebook | Wendy Auger

"Who has a mom or dad or parental figure who hasn't said that to kids before leaving the house?" she told Seacoast Online. "I'm not the type to sit here with a picket, but come on."

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu got word of Auger's situation from a mutual friend and decided to intervene.

Twitter | @ChrisSununu

"Upon this being brought to my attention, I reached out to the Division of Motor Vehicles and strongly urged them to allow Wendy to keep the license plate she has had for the last 15 years," Sununu told CNN in a statement.

And based on what he said after that, it seems that whatever Sununu said to them was persuasive.

Twitter | @ChrisSununu

He added, "I recently left a message on her phone to share the good news that her plate will not be recalled."

Auger shared the happy news on Facebook.

Facebook | Wendy Auger

She wrote that he did indeed leave her a message in which he apologized for "that little bureaucratic hold up" and said that "common sense prevailed."

"This sassy momma has her plates!" Auger happily announced, receiving plenty of support from people in the comments who have been following the story since she first revealed the state was attempting to take them away.

h/t: CNN