Mom Torn Over Husband's Wish To Name Their Child After His Grandfather

Parents often struggle with the decision on what they want to name their newborn babies. It's common for parents to sometimes disagree on what they'll name their new addition.

Some people opt to name their kids after family members.

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Some religions and cultures name their children after people in their family, whether they're still alive or in honor of a family member who's passed away.

Others choose popular names they like.

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Every mom knows what it's like to browse name books and websites for the perfect one.

But, what do you do when you and your partner can't agree on a name?

How do you overcome that kind of struggle? Well, it's not easy.

One mom wrote into "PopSugar" about a particular disagreement with her husband.

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She found out that she was having a boy, and immediately, her husband wanted to name him after his grandfather.

While his grandfather had a meaningful name, Joseph, the expecting mom wasn't a fan.

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The mom explained that in her neighborhood, Joseph was such a common name.

She explained to her husband that she didn't want their son to be one of a dozen Josephs.

She even brought out her yearbook from the school she taught at to prove her point.

However, her husband wouldn't budge.

She claims the couple fought for over eight weeks.

But, then, the tables turned.

At their ultrasound for the 20-week scans, the doctor said that they weren't having a boy at all.

In fact, the couple ended up having a daughter.

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Which, completely solved the "Joseph" problem.

They ended up having twin girls, as well, with their second pregnancy.

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Which avoided the Joseph dilemma again.

So, unless they end up having a boy, it looks like this mom wins!

Nothing like fate helping us moms out from time to time.

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