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Kelly Clarkson Had An Ovarian Cyst Burst While Filming 'The Voice'

There's almost nothing scarier than the human body, in my opinion. You never know when something's about to go wrong inside you and just wreck your whole day, even if you're really busy or otherwise really healthy or if you try to be as prepared as possible. You just can't know.

The Voice judge and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson went through a terrifying experience with her own body while on set for The Voice and recently opened up about it.

This took place after her appendix burst in May.

Instagram | @kellyclarkson

So she was already not starting Hot Girl Summer off on the best foot. She had just finished hosting the Billboard Awards and had returned to start filming The Voice.

While having a conversation with fellow judge Blake Shelton, Kelly realized something was happening.

Instagram | @kellyclarkson

Kelly told People, "Blake was talking to me and all of the sudden, everything he said just went away and I had to grab his arm and I was like, ‘Something is wrong.'"

Kelly said it was "more painful than the appendicitis."

Instagram | @kellyclarkson

She added that part of her fear came from how close it was to her appendicitis. "It was literally a week after my surgery so I was freaking out!” she said.

She assured her fans that she's "great now, totally great now."

Instagram | @kellyclarkson

But at the time, "I was hysterically laughing and crying at one point in the E.R. like ‘What is happening?’”

We're glad Kelly recovered and that she was surrounded by people to help her!