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Woman Attempting 'Extreme Yoga' Pose Plunges 80 Feet From Balcony

Caitlyn Clancey 29 Aug 2019

A 23-year-old woman from Mexico was attempting a dangerous yoga pose on the balcony of her high-rise apartment building when she suddenly lost her balance, plunging 80 feet to the ground below, People reported.

College student Alexa Terrazas miraculously survived the fall, but not without sustaining serious injuries.

Last weekend, Terrazas took to the glass railing of her balcony to practice what some have referred to as "extreme" yoga.

In a viral photo of the yoga enthusiast, Terrazas can be seen hanging upside down with her body slung over the outer side of the rail while she supports herself with just her waist and her bent legs.

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I'm not even afraid of heights and that pic makes me uncomfortable.

Unsplash | Austin Neill

According to the Spanish news outlet El Sol de Mexico, the girl was practicing the dangerous pose on the sixth floor, which is the top floor of the Las Privanzas apartment tower.

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While she was attempting to hold herself in the pose, Terrazas lost her balance and fell from the railing

Unsplash | Martha Dominguez de Gouveia

She plummeted 80 feet to the ground below and was rushed to the Zambrano Hellion Medical Center.

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Her injuries were substantial.

Unsplash | Harlie Raethel

She reportedly broke both her legs, and also suffered fractures to her arms, hips, and head. Some reports claim she broke 110 bones and had to undergo 11 hours of emergency surgery following the fall.

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While she did miraculously survive the massive fall, Terrazas certainly won't be practicing any more yoga poses any time soon.

Facebook | Paola Maldonado Sahagun

Doctors have said the college student will need to have her ankles and knees reconstructed, and recovery could take up to three years.

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In the wake of the incident, Terrazas' family and friends have gathered at a local shrine to pray for her recovery.

El Sol de Mexico

Their prayers have even been extended to social media, with one person on Twitter tweeting "Good morning, I ask that you channel your mind, energy and spirit for the health of my cousin Alexa Terrazas."

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Others online have encouraged users to donate blood to aid in her recovery.

Unsplash | LuAnn Hunt

They specifically asked for those with A+ blood to donate.

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However, family recently said that there was no longer any need for donation specifically for her.

Twitter | @MoniraRl

Now they simply hope people will continue to send thoughts and prayers for Alexa's health.

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The Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Twitter | @javierhdz

Authorities have described the fall as an accident and confirmed that the balcony from which Terrazas hung was structurally sound and undamaged.

h/t: People, El Sol de Mexico

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