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Celebrities That Fans Had No Idea Served In The Military

Turns out, not all celebs are all about the glitz and the glamour.

Some of them even selflessly risked their lives for their countries!

Aside from serving up their incredible acting skills on screen, these 14+ celebs have served in the military.

Robin Quivers

Getty Images | Walter McBride

She may be known as the faithful sidekick to radio's Howard Stern, but Quivers actually served some time for her country! Fifteen years to be exact!

Since she had been trained as a nurse, she enlisted as a way to use her skills for the greater good.

She was in the Air Force as a second lieutenant and even made it all the way to the rank of captain.

Adam Driver

Digital Spy

Way before he was Kylo Ren, Adam Driver joined the military after the tragic events of 9/11.

“I joined … feeling like I think most people in the country did at the time, filled with a sense of patriotism and retribution and the desire to do something,” he said in a TED Talk.

He was later medically discharged for breaking his sternum.

Bob Ross


He may have been super soft-spoken, but the calming painter actually spent 20 years in the military!

He was in the Air Force with the rank of master sergeant.

Not surprisingly, The Joy of Painting host retired because he was "fed up" with being a "mean, rough person."

Morgan Freeman

Believe it or not, the legendary actor actually passed up a drama scholarship to join the Air Force in 1955! While there for four years, he served as a radar technician.

“I took to it immediately,” he said in an interview with Interview magazine. "I did three years, eight months, and ten days in all, but it took me a year and a half to get disabused of my romantic notions about it."

MC Hammer

Instagram | @mchammer

He's the one-hit-wonder who doesn't give up. After his attempt at a baseball career didn't pan out, he actually served in the Navy for three years as a storekeeper.

As we all know, soon after, he brought out the parachute pants for his rapping career.

Hugh Hefner

Instagram | @hughhefner

The former Playboy legend may have started showing a passion for journalism in high school, but after graduation, he enlisted in World War II as an infantry clerk.

He later went back to his creative roots by submitting cartoons to the military newspaper!

Chuck Norris

Facebook | Chuck Norris

If there's anyone we could expect to have been in the military, it's definitely Chuck Norris.

The actor/martial arts master joined the Air Force in 1958. He got stationed in South Korea where he served as an air policeman.

It was actually during his time in South Korea that he earned a black belt in tang soo do and a brown belt in judo.

Gal Gadot


Wayyyy before she was ever an actress, let alone Wonder Woman, Gadot served in the Israeli Army.

That's because it's mandatory in Israel to serve time!

"You give two or three years, and it's not about you," she told Glamour. "You give your freedom away. You learn discipline and respect."

Bob Barker

Closer Weekly

We're surprised Bob never wore an "I served in the military" t-shirt like some of the contestants on The Price Is Right.

That's because he was a Navy cadet who trained at eight different wartime locations and flew eight different airplanes.

Tom Selleck


He may be known for playing Richard on Friends and having a sick mustache, but he was also in the military. He was drafted during the Vietnam War.

"I am a veteran, I'm proud of it," he said. "I was a sergeant in the U.S. Army infantry, National Guard, Vietnam era. We're all brothers and sisters in that sense."

Rob Riggle

Instagram | @robriggle

It's hard to believe that this funnyman was ever in such a serious profession, but it's true!

He even has a role coming up in the film 12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers, which will hit home for the soldier-turned-actor who served 14 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

Clint Eastwood


It's hard to say what made this veteran actor tough: was it his time in the military or was he always like that?

Regardless, The Mule actor was enlisted in the army during the Korean War. He was sent for basic training, where he stayed until he was discharged in 1953.

Elvis Presley

Instagram | @elvis

The year 2018 marked 60 years since Elvis Presley had been drafted in the military.

It was right around the time he became the King of Rock 'n' Roll that he joined the U.S. Army, in 1957.

Three years later, he made it all the way up to the rank of sergeant before discharge.


Instagram | @icet

Before he became an actor and rapper by the name Ice-T, Tracy Lauren Marrow was a military man.

Shortly after graduating from high school and the birth of his daughter, he joined the U.S. Army where he spent four years in the 25th Infantry.

Jimi Hendrix

The famous musician joined the military, but not exactly by choice.

After stealing a car, he was given two options: go to prison or join the U.S. Army. He chose the latter and joined the 101st Airborne Division.

George Carlin

George Carlin was only 17 years old when he chose to enlist in the Air Force. He trained as a radar technician and was stationed in Louisiana.

During his tenure, Carlin was court-martialed a total of three times for his behavior.

Don Rickles


If you were looking to name a king of insult comedy, Don Rickles would unquestionably wear the crown.

He voiced Mr. Potato Head in the first three Toy Story films and served with the Navy for two years during World War II.

Don Knotts

Those with a streak of gray in their hair will likely remember Don as Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show.

He was drafted into the Army in 1943 and served as a technician and a performing arts specialist until his discharge in 1946.

Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart was originally turned away by the armed forces for being underweight. He worked hard to pack on the pounds and was finally accepted into the Air Corps.

He flew combat missions in Europe in 1944 and was appointed to the rank of brigadier general in 1959.

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks is responsible for generations' worth of laughter. He's known for Blazing Saddles, The Producers, and of course, Young Frankenstein.

He was drafted into the war and served as a corporal in the Engineer Combat Battalion. One of Mel's duties was disarming landmines.

Drew Carey

Isn't it ironic that both hosts of The Price is Right have served? Is it a prerequisite in the job application or something?

It was during his time in the Military Reserves that Drew began writing jokes and performing stand-up comedy.

Mr. T

I pity the fool who doesn't remark at Mr. T's service record! The former member of The A-Team worked as a military police officer.

He was awarded the honor of "Top Trainee of the Cycle" out of a training class of 6000 troops.

Sean Connery

It makes sense that James Bond had served his country in real life. Sean was only 16 years old when he joined the British Royal Navy.

After three years, Sean began experiencing ulcers and was discharged due to medical reasons.

Pat Sajak

No matter how many years go by, I never get tired of seeing Pat Sajak spin that wheel!

In the late '60s, Pat served in the military and was stationed in Saigon. He worked as a DJ and is said to have accidentally cut off Richard Nixon's presidential address.

Alan Alda


There's a reason why Alan Alda was able to portray such a convincing army surgeon on MASH — he had real-life experience!

Alda really did serve in the Korean War as a gunnery officer. He was discharged after a six-month tour of duty.

Steve McQueen


The legendary King of Cool joined the Marines in 1947. McQueen showed promise and was promoted to private first class but was demoted a total of seven times for his rebellious nature.

In the end, McQueen was selected to serve as a member of President Truman's honor guard.

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett was sent to Europe in 1944 as a member of the "Blood and Fire" division. He was stationed in both France and Germany.

It was during his time with the military that Tony started singing with a band. He launched his career shortly after his discharge.

Charlton Heston

It may not surprise many to learn that Charlton Heston was a veteran, especially given his association and involvement with the NRA while he was still alive.

Heston entered the military in 1941 and was stationed in Alaska as a radio operator.

Johnny Cash

If you've seen Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, you'll probably remember that before Johnny became "The Man in Black," he served with the U.S. Airforce.

It was here that Johnny wrote his breakout song, "Folsom Prison Blues."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

During the time that Arnold came of age, every male Austrian citizen was required to serve a minimum of one year in the armed forces.

While stationed, Arnold went AWOL to participate in the Junior Mr. Europe contest and was court-martialed.

Willie Nelson

It might seem strange that a true-born hippie like Willie Nelson would have a service record. But the Red-Headed Stranger has also spent time in the military.

Willie enlisted right after high school but was discharged in less than a year because of his back problems.