Influencer Proves The 'Truth Is Not Pretty' With Her Honest Instagram Pics

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram only to see a picture after picture of absolutely perfect shots in the most amazing locations? Doesn't that make you just a little bit jealous?

Well, one Instagram account called @the_truth_is_not_prettyis showing us exactly what it takes to accomplish this perfect "reality" and it surely isn't all perfect.

1. Chasing The Sun

Instagram | @the_truth_is_not_pretty

Make sure you keep those eyes closed when taking that gorgeous picture in the sun otherwise you'll show everyone what you really look like. LOL!

2. Puppy Love

Ah, having a puppy on Instagram is all happiness and rainbows. When, in fact, they pee and poop all over the place before they're housebroken.

3. Chasing Waterfalls

Getting that amazing picture in nature can surely be a pain in the a**. Pretending that I'm not freezing when I am isn't really my thing.

4. Bath Time

Why does taking a bath always looks so glamorous on Instagram? When in reality, it's just a means to an end when you're in a hurry. Ha, ha.

5. Picture Perfect

Oh my, look at that picture on the left. Isn't it just the epitome of perfection? Well, getting that shot proved to be quite the challenge.

6. When You Do It For The 'Gram

It takes some willpower to arrange your food all perfectly like the one on the left before you absolutely devour it.

7. Laundry Day

Because I'm always so happy when I'm about to do laundry. You too? Or are you more like the picture on the right? Fess up.

8. Shower Time

It's funny when Instagrammers take pictures in the shower with a full face of makeup. I thought you just washed it all away? What a scam.

9. Instagram Boyfriend

Oh don't get me started on the Instagram boyfriend pictures. They always look so happy and not posed at all. I feel bad for that guy.

10. Danger Zone

What would you do without your backup team? Huh? I guess you would just fall down and hurt yourself for the sake of a few Instagram likes. Cheers to all the help.

11. Pizza Time

Pizza time is the best time especially when it's on Instagram. It always looks so fabulous and not sad and desperate at all. Right? Haha.

12. Coffee Time

I feel that my barista skills are just not up to par when it comes to Instagram. I can't make hearts, flowers and such in my coffee.

13. Good Morning Sunshine

Because we're all this chipper and pretty right when we get out of bed in the morning. Or is it just me? I know, I'm special.

14. Flower Power

Why are influencers always putting things like flowers in their mouths? Does anyone actually do this in real life?

I'm such a fan of these Instagram accounts that burst the bubble of social media perfection.

After all, I get so sick of seeing only the perfection in my feed. Time for more realness people. Let's go!