Marvel To Bring A Gay Character Front And Center For Upcoming Film

The Eternals is one of the next big films on the way for Marvel, and it is STACKED with amazing actors and actresses.

Among them, is Kit Harington and Richard Madden.

When Kit Harington joined the cast of 'The Eternals' the internet basically broke.


Especially considering the fact that this means he's reuniting with his brother.

Richard Madden.


He's getting suited up and is ready to save space from the looks of it!

And it's also been confirmed that a gay character will be married with a family in Eternals.

What do people want?

It's pretty obvious.

From Stark brothers to superhero lovers? Is that the fate of our beloved actors?

But what will probably happen?

This tweet actually gives some good insight as to who might be with who for the upcoming movie.

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