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Man Fined $2000 For Feeding Bear A Timbit In Most Canadian Story Ever

Amy Pilkington 29 Aug 2019

Okay, before we have a bit of fun with this very silly, very Canadian story, a reminder: don't feed the bears.

Really, don't feed wildlife in general. At best, you end up with fat squirrels hurling half-ripe pears from your backyard tree at your windows — true story — but at worst, it could result in the death or injury of a person and then the bear.

Feeding them teaches them to trust humans and go to them in search of more food. Let the bears be bears and just watch them from afar.

But now that we've dealt with the disclaimers... this story is the most Canadian thing ever and I love it.

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While driving down the Alaska Highway, an unnamed man saw a young grizzly bear and presumably thought: Now that's a bear that looks like it would enjoy a Timbit.

Which is a valid assumption, since Timbits are incredible and wildly superior to other brands' donut holes. (Fight me.)

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Apparently he also gave the bear a hotdog of some sort, but it was the Timbit pic he chose to share on social media.

Twitter | @_BCCOS

Is it cute? Duh.

But I'm sure many of you are thinking that having a grizzly bear that close to your vehicle and bare hand is a little bit dangerous. You're right, of course.

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The law agrees and that's why it's illegal to feed bears.

The BC Conservation Officer Service found it pretty easy to catch this guy, since you know, he shared it on social media.

He pleaded guilty and was fined $2000.

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Most people find the second part of his punishment pretty funny.

Though, one would think that he'd be required to stay away from bears for a lot longer than just six months.

Maybe he just told the judge he was really sorry. I hear Canadians are good at that.

Seriously though: don't feed the bears.

h/t: The Globe and Mail

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