Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ To Be Eeriest DC Movie Yet: "All I Have Are Negative Thoughts.”

Joker is soon coming to theaters, but it seems so far away right now (seriously, could October come sooner)?

This movie is definitely going to chill us to the bone.

Joaquin Phoenix is ready to portray one of the most iconic villains of all time.


And judging from the clips and trailers that have been released, we're in for one creepy movie.

Obviously, we're all still very attached to Heath Ledger's Joker.


But we're sure that this new depiction of the villainous clown will be just as iconic.

One of the most chilling lines of the whole trailer is when the Joker is talking to his therapist.


“You don’t listen, do you? You just ask the same questions every week: ‘How’s your job, are you having any negative thoughts? All I have are negative thoughts.”

Watch the final trailer now!

Are you excited about this movie or scared? Or kind of both like I am?

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