13+ Times Celebs Posted On Social Media And Messed Up Big Time

Aw, it's nice to know that celebrities aren't immune to being dumb on social media like the rest of us.

Whether it's a simple flex that got them in trouble, or a big-time mistake, these are the messiest things some celebs have done for all the world to see. Grab your tea.

Mia Farrow's tweet went sideways.

The Observer

Y'all...I am speechless.

Mia Farrow was trying to wish her daughter, Quincy, a happy birthday. She left her search results in the screenshot, which was...uncomfortable, to put it mildly.

She later claimed that someone else had found the picture for her, and it was their screenshot. Um?

Scott Disick failed at copy/paste.

Instagram | @letthelordbewithyou

That awkward moment when literally the only thing you have to do to make a pile of money is take a picture and paste a caption...and you blow the second part.

Kylie Jenner couldn't advertise her own product.


This one still makes me scream.

Kylie decided to do a video demonstrating how she washes her face using her own products, and proceeded to cleanse for all of 10 seconds.

When she dried her face with a towel, fans could see tons of makeup leftover and it was super cringe.

Bow Wow's fake flex.

Bow Wow posted a picture of him apparently flying a private jet, having no clue the disaster that awaited him.

Twitter quickly posted a snapchat of Bow Wow on someone's flight at the exact same time he posted his Instagram picture.

I cannot begin to describe my secondhand embarrassment.

2015 was a different time for Kim Kardashian.

Twitter | @KimKardashian

Long before she graced the cover of Vogue or walked the red carpet of the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian had a simple luxury want: to make sure "Georgio" Armani didn't discontinue her favorite foundation.

Their reply is so simple and so devastating. I can't believe Kim left that tweet up, tbh.

Jason Biggs forgot what comedy was.

LA Times

In 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine (this was before their infamous MH370 flight went missing).

Jason Biggs decided to make light of dozens of people being murdered by tweeting, "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?" and a whole host of other jokes.

He later apologized in an appearance on The View, after going off on a rant about people being too sensitive for his humor. Sure, Jason.

Rita Ora couldn't get the numbers she needed.

Twitter | @ritaora

Rita Ora (allegedly) announced that she would drop a new song if her tweet got to 10,000 retweets.

She must have been embarrassed that her original tweet barely broke 2,000, because she later claimed she was hacked.


Adam Levine popped off for no reason.

TV Line

Adam Levine was outraged that Childish Gambino's "This is America" apparently wasn't nominated for any MTV VMAs.

He wrote: "This Year, Childish Gambino released one of the most impactful, thought provoking, and intelligent videos ever made. I'm sure that he doesn't care that he wasn't nominated for a VMA because he's cool as [expletive] and everything. But I care. Because I'm NOT that cool. And I still want MTV to mean something again. But It won't. Ever. K bye."

"This is America" was nominated for 7 VMAs.

Ceelo Green flagrantly admitted to breaking the law.


Does anyone miss Ceelo? Because I sure don't.

He took to Twitter over allegations that he had drugged and raped a woman. He said there had to be proof of the rape, and frankly tried to justify his actions to the public.

No one was having it.

The "via" button exposed Oprah.


Oprah isn't the first person to get busted advertising a different product while using their competitor's. However, the simplicity of this tweet is close to art.

She really wanted people to know how much she loved her Microsoft Surface tablet, and so she took to Twitter to tweet her love out...from her iPad.

Zac Efron's super weird brag.

New York Daily News

There's so much going on here. The random picture he attached for no reason, the use of the MLK day hashtag to talk about himself, and the emojis.

My god, the emojis. Celebrities are so weird.

Charlie Sheen got more than he bargained for.


While trying to DM Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen accidentally sent his phone number to his main Twitter timeline.

He was bombarded with texts and calls immediately.

I super wish this was the weirdest thing Charlie Sheen has ever done. What a world that would be, huh?

Ted Cruz forgot his likes were public.

Twitter | @bustedcoverage

If you were on Twitter the day Ted Cruz randomly liked a porn tweet, then you were witness to one of the best days on the internet.

His team later claimed a staffer with access to his account liked the tweet. A likely story.

Lena Dunham...basically just used social media.

The Wrap

Lena Dunham steps in it pretty frequently on Twitter.

However, her 2018 tweet about French kissing animals was particularly gross, and was immediately piled on by her followers.

She merely tweeted, "TO BE CLEAR this is about letting rescue pets kiss your mouth. Oh jeez is it only Tuesday?" in response.

Everything about this Kourtney Kardashian picture.

Instagram | @kourtneykardash

So, maybe you looked at this and thought, "Okay, just a normal, over-edited picture of a Kardashian." OHO. Stay with me, then, because it's about to get weirder.

First of all, Kourtney's head looks huge. But sure, let's chalk that up to the angle.

Second, explain her left leg to me. Why is her knee so far down? What happened here?