How The Cast Of 'Jersey Shore' Has Drastically Changed In The Last Decade

Ever since Jersey Shore first premiered in 2009, life hasn't been the same.

For three years, the crazy cast, filled with guidos and guidettes, gave us so much to look forward to each week such as fights, drama, GTL, you name it.

While we now have Jersey Shore: Family Vacation to keep us in the loop on their lives, it's still fun to take a look back from then and now to see how much has changed in the last decade!

JWoww: Then

When we first met Jenni "Jwoww" Farley on the shore, she was that bad [expletive] you didn't want to mess with!

She also met Roger while filming, the man who would eventually become her husband and the father to her two kids after the show ended.

JWoww: Now

Instagram | @jwoww

Welp, Jwoww and Roger are no more!

The former pair are now divorced after their estrangement was super messy.

Jenni has even found love with a new beau! Twenty-four-year-old Zach Clayton Carpinello.

In addition to everything else, she's still besties with Snooki!

Vinny: Then

At just 22, Vinny was the youngest cast member when the show began.

Besides being a self-proclaimed "momma's boy," Vin also began an adorable bromance with Pauly D.

Vinny: Now

Instagram | @vinnyguadagnino

Not a lot has changed for Vin! He's still a momma's boy, (they even competed together on The Great Food Truck Race)

He's still BFF with Pauly and he's still looking fionneee. He can thank his new Keto cookbook for those abs!

Ron and Sammy: Then


These two get their own entry together because of how inseparable they were on the show.

Most of their screen time together showed them breaking up and making up with explosive fights.

Ron and Sammy: Now

Instagram | @sammisweetheart & @realronniemagro

Ron and Sammi are dunzo! The pair finally called it quits in 2014.

Both exes have since moved on as Sammi is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Christian Biscardi, and Ronnie has a daughter with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Jen Harley.

Sammi's also absent from the new show, per her explanation below.

Snooki: Then

NY Daily News

When we first met Nicole Elizabeth LaValle (Snooki) on Jersey Shore, she was all about three things: partying, spray tanning, and finding the perfect juicehead.

In the middle of all that, a whole lot of *other* crazy things happened.

Thanks to Snook's, we'll always be #blessed with gifs like this.

Snooki: Now

Instagram | @snooki

Priorities have certainly shifted for the star as she's now married and has three young children!

While she still drinks wine, it's not to the crazy extremes as it was before. Besides, she has her 40 pound weight loss to maintain!

Pauly D: Then


Dj Pauly D was surprisingly the oldest cast member when the show first began (he was 29).

His biggest thing on the show, besides his signature blow-out of course, was his quest to always find girls who were DTF (down to... you know).

Pauly D: Now

Instagram | @djpaulyd

Surprise, surprise! Pauly still hasn't settled down.

The closest he probably got to marriage was with his former longtime girlfriend, Aubrey O'Day.

Beyond that, he's still blowing out his hair to extremes and spinning tracks!

Mike: Then

It was definitely a situation when Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino came into our lives.

He ended up being quite the trouble maker since he was in the middle of a lot of drama and physical fights with his cast members.

Later, Mike blamed a lot of this on the fact that he had been addicted to prescription drug medication while filming.

Mike: Now

Instagram | @mikethesituation

A lot has changed for The Situation these days. He's remained sober and even married his high school sweetheart, Lauren Pesce.

The only not-so-good thing is the fact that he's currently serving an eight-month prison sentence for tax evasion.

Deena: Then


While Deena originally auditioned for the first season of Jersey Shore, she didn't make it on the show until season 3.

Once on there, she became known for being a "blast in a glass" and a fellow "meatball" with Nicole.

Deena: Now

Instagram | @deenanicole

These days, Deena has her own little meatball — her baby boy who she and husband, Chris Buckner, welcomed to the world in January!

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