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A Bride Pulled A Hilarious 'First Look' Prank, And The Groom's Reaction Is Priceless

Pranks either go one of two ways — they either go really well, or they go bad. Pretty simple. Wedding pranks, on the other hand, can also go either way, but the stakes are way higher. Its a special time, and all sorts of emotions are flying. A prank that goes well will have people cheering with delight. If it goes bad, you'd better sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life.

One bride ended up boldly using the iconic 'first look' moment to prank her husband, and he loved it.

This is the newlywed couple, Logan and Megan Martin, and they look like they're straight out of a wedding magazine!

Megan decided to do something for her now-husband on their wedding day for him to remember forever.

The 'first look' is a very special moment shared between the bride and groom, because, traditionally, it's the moment where the couple sees each other in their wedding garb for the very first time.

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The bride decided to get the groom's best man to walk down the aisle in a wedding dress and really get her husband-to-be good!

Poor Logan was probably beginning to well up with tears knowing how beautiful his soon-to-be-wife would look.

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And then he turns around and sees his best man.

“When Megan asked me to do this prank on Logan there was no way I could turn it down,” best man Ryan Sowder told Fox News.

This shot is just too priceless.

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They both immediately died with laughter!

“I was building with anticipation the whole time I was outside waiting for Megan,” said Logan.

“When I turned around and saw Ryan, I couldn’t help but to double over with laughter."

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"Seeing your best man in a wedding dress is not a situation you can be prepared for."

This prank worked out all too well, and it just might start a new wedding day trend.

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