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Mom Shares Photos Of Snow White Comforting Autistic Son During A 'Meltdown'

Sometimes, a simple gesture of kindness when someone's having a difficult time can mean the world to them. That's exactly what happened when one Disney princess went out of her way to help a little boy with autism feel safe and secure.

Disney World is easily one of the most magical places on earth.

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A mom's recent Facebook post confirmed that when she shared a touching story about how the park's Snow White helped her son during a recent visit.

In her post, mom Lauren Bergner explained that her son, Brody, has autism and is non-verbal.

Facebook | Lauren Bergner

While the family was at the park, Brody became overwhelmed and began having what Lauren described as a "meltdown".

Lauren said that Brody was having a "hard time".

Facebook | Lauren Bergner

He began crying while the family was in the German pavilion at Epcot, waiting to meet Snow White.

Thankfully, Snow White knew exactly what to do.

Facebook | Lauren Bergner

According to Lauren, the princess began calming Brody down with cuddles and hugs.

The princess even took Brody for a walk away from the crowd.

Facebook | Lauren Bergner

She did everything she could to help Brody feel more comfortable and settle down.

Lauren and her family were amazed by how this Disney princess went "above and beyond".

Facebook | Lauren Bergner

"She was magical and my family is forever thankful and touched!" Lauren said in her Facebook post.

Lauren's photos and story quickly went viral.

Facebook | Lauren Bergner

Her post and photos have been shared over 75,000 times and have gained about 22,000 comments.

Many people who saw Lauren's post chimed in praising Snow White for her kindness.

Facebook | Lauren Bergner

"Having two special needs kids myself I feel for this Mom and for the little guy having a rough moment in a public place. So many times people just stare but rarely do they step up and offer to help the parent out." said one Facebook user.

Many commended Disney for training its staff to make every guest's visit magical.

Facebook | Lauren Bergner

"It's nice to know Disney encourages its cast members to 'truly create magic' from their hearts to the children who truly believe," said another Facebook user.

I'm sure Brody and his family will remember these moments forever!

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