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16+ Genius Signs That Are Nothing But Honest

Advertising can be tricky terrain to navigate. No matter what it is that is being presented to the world, the people coming up with these signs have to decide how much needs to be said, and how much should be left to the imagination.

Most signs opt for the "less is more" route, but there are a a few that understand being straightforward gets their messages across much more efficiently. And we thank them for their honesty.

Cinderella beware.

Flickr | espresso marco

This sign is helpfully letting any fancy footwear-sporting people know exactly what fate awaits their precious high-heels, should they continue down this path.

Quite the achievement.

Reddit | kdsports

This school was happy to advertise that it has been proudly free of grizzly bear attacks for nearly 35,000 days now. Here's hoping the streak continues.

Where's the lie?

Reddit | pdmomahon

When I see the word "DANGER", I'm significantly less likely to touch something. But I appreciate the added warning of just what exactly will happen if I decide to still touch that thing.

Honesty is the best policy.

Reddit | Kiwifish5

Am I the only one who is now infinitely more curious to find out what's behind that sign?

So which is it?

Reddit | KuronFury

Littering is stupid and so are people who do it. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

So basically, Canadians drink for free.

Reddit | campbellsouup

This sign lets you know exactly what your attitude will get you. My suggestion? Just be nice to everyone, especially if they'll be handling your food.

A little bit louder now.

Reddit | mynameisntsavannah

This sign was posted in a doctors office and is quite possibly the most perfect pro-vaccination advertisement I've ever seen. Can we please have these posted everywhere ASAP?

Prepare to swipe IRL.

Reddit | deepmobber

Remember when you had to actually be social to meet people? Those were some pretty dark times. Thanks to Tinder, we can meet as many people as we want from the comfort of our own home.

But if you're in the mood for a drink, might as well hit up one of these 3D Tinder joints.


Reddit | Tokeau

This pizza joint is taking their Trip Advisor reviews in stride and even letting those reviews help them bring in new customers. If I saw that, I'd be intrigued enough to buy a slice or two.

Just in case there was any confusion.

Reddit | CenturionElite

I spy a sign for pizza there as well, so perhaps the new menu item we should be advertising instead of the burritos and tacos. Just a suggestion.

Fair point.

Reddit | gangbangkang

You speak the truth, dear sign. Now as for what you're supposed to be advertising, that's anyone's guess.

Cats XING.

Reddit | RiggaFTW

This sign does not beat around the bush at all. It gets right to the point, and it gets its message across. Totally effective. I just hope people actually heeded it's plea and slowed down.

Can neither confirm nor deny.

Reddit | iamthecliptwhisperer

This sign is letting you what could await you if you don't stop in for a drink.

While we won't know for sure unless you venture past the sign, I think it's in everyone's best interest to stop in for a pint.

Quite the intriguing offer.

Reddit | Punkaroos

I think this is quite possibly the best way to explain what a yard sale is to someone who might not know. It's an exchange of someone's household crap for money somehow. That's it.

We wouldn't want that.

Reddit | tenioman

This sign lets you know exactly what could happen to the animals if someone accidentally fell into their cages and was eaten. Definitely not ideal for anyone involved.

Seems legit.

Reddit | Psycho

Vodka is really good at convincing us of a lot of stuff, and kudos to this sign for reminding us of that.

Badasses welcome.

Reddit | Turtle456

Helsinki knows their tourist season and appreciates those crazy people who visit outside that season. Recognition is always much appreciated.

If this ain't me though.

Reddit | aivdrawdeegreog

I feel personally attacked by this sign because that's just so true. Am I being funny or am I just being mean? Both. Somehow both,

Every. Single. Day.

Reddit | Fuzzybuzzy514

If you read this sign and think to yourself, 'Wow, that's too real', you're not alone. come on inside for a hot cuppa.

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