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Gwyneth Paltrow's Throwback Pic Proves She And Her Daughter Are Twins

Gwyneth Paltrow can apparently do it all — singing, acting, writing, running a company... is there anything she can't do?

You might answer "Well, she can't clone herself," which is pretty specific, actually, I don't know why you would answer with that. It's also wrong. I firmly believe that her daughter Apple Martin is bonafide clone created deep in the Goop laboratories.

Okay, maybe she's not an actual clone. But she's pretty close.

Instagram | @gwynethpaltrow

If you don't remember, or are perhaps too young to know, Gwyneth Paltrow and her then-husband Chris Martin had their daughter Apple Martin on May 14th, 2004. Since that day, Apple has grown into her mother's twin.

This comparison was heightened when Gwyneth shared this throwback shot of herself.

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It was such an in-your-face comparison that even Apple herself commented saying, "I thought this was me wtf." Tons of other celebrity friends and fans of the family commented to say the same thing.

Rob Lowe kept it simple, just commenting, "Apple!"

Instagram | @gwynethpaltrow

One fan wrote, "It amazes me how much you and Apple look alike!! Gorgeous!!" and another wrote, "Are you sure that girl is you? Looks like Apple!"

Maybe Apple is a clone, or maybe it's just strong genetics.

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Either way, this throwback photo proves many things to us: 1. Gwyneth and her daughter look identical, 2. They both look amazing, and 3. Apple is somehow fifteen already and that means that I'm super old, so excuse me for a minute while I go post my own throwback photo and try to pass it off as my current age.