8+ Bra Mistakes We're All Making

Wearing a bra is like a badge of honor for a woman. It's not as easy of a transition as one may think. There is so much to consider and women often get conflicting advice when it comes to finding the perfect bra.

Well, I'm here to bust those myths for you and uncover all the things we're doing wrong, so read and learn.

1. Cup Size Vs. Band Size


We're conditioned to be obsessed about our cup size when in fact the band size is the true measure to pay attention to.

2. Settling For Wrong Bra Size

A lot of women get so fed up with finding the right bra that they simply give up. Get professional assistance and don't settle.

3. Wearing The Wrong Size

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Many women buy bras by the cup size and don't bother actually getting measured. That's a mistake. A properly fitted bra makes all the difference.

4. Fastening Your Bra On The Wrong Hook


Bras will stretch about three inches over time so you should always try them on the loosest hook for a proper fit.

5. Wearing The Same Bra Two Days In A Row

Apparently, a bra needs a day's rest to get back into its shape. I actually had no idea about this.

6. Contour Bra Vs. Soft-Seamed Lined Bra


Contour bras have molded cups that are better for naturally perky breasts, as the cups won't form to your body. Soft-seamed bras on the other hand actually mold to your own breast shape and can offer better support.

7. A Bra Has A Lifespan

Now, this one may come as a shock but an average bra will only last about eight months. So you need to alternate bras.

8. Wearing The Wrong Bra With An Outfit


Different outfits call for different bras. A fitted tee will require a different bra than a sculpted dress. You need variety here.

Wow, I'm already learning so much.

And I'm already crying after finding out I can't keep my perfect bra forever. Eight months? Are you kidding me? Sob, sob.

9. Washing Your Bra With Woolite


In case you didn't know Woolite was designed to stretch wool. That's not exactly what you want to happen to your bra. Is it?

10. You're Wearing A Bra With Raised Underwire


Similar to the back band rising up, if your underwire is raised that means you need to up your cup size.

11. You Feel Pressured To Get A Push-Up Bra


Society makes women think that bigger breasts are always better but that's not true. Embrace your natural size and comfort if a push-up isn't for you.

12. Letting The Bra Ride Up Your Back


If that happens it's a sign that it simply doesn't fit right. The back band and the underwire should be parallel.

13. You Have A "Floating Gore"

The middle section of the bra between the cups is called the gore. The gore should be flush to your skin, without a gap. If it's floating, that means your bra isn't the correct size.

I hope I have shed some light on those bra myths out there.

Now your bra shopping experience will be that much smoother and more successful. Good luck!

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