Disney+ Offer Allows You To Pay Less Than $4 Per Month For 3 Years

Disney+ is coming soon, and with it, there are going to be tons of amazing movies and shows.

And now they released an amazing new offer that really makes it worth your time.

The deal is available to all D23 members.


Even if you create an account today, you can still be eligible!

And believe me, it's really worth your time.

What's the deal?


This discount lets you pay $140.97 for three years of Disney+.

So per month, you're only paying $3.92. That's AMAZING!

On September 1st at 11:59 p.m, the deal expires.


Here's how to get the offer:

Create or log into your account, find the “Exclusive Offer” on your account info page (it can 36 hours to appear), and then redeem your plan.

Will you be signing up for the service?

At this price, how can you not? It's basically a steal!

Let us know in the comments!