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14+ Pics That Seriously Made Us Wonder What's Going On

Dan 28 Aug 2019

We share a lot of pics here at Diply. Usually, we try to tell you what's going on. Sometimes, though, we have no idea. So we're going to share some interesting images with you. We'd love to share the context, but some photos defy explanation. Sorry.

1. Nice day.

Reddit | ToiletRollKebab

You know summer's here when the grass is green, the sun is shining and...a moose (?) are chilling in the kiddy pool out front. Maybe there's a heatwave, too. That might explain the whole van fire thing.

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2. I'm so happy for them.

Reddit | Forfoton

There are all sorts of wedding clichés out there, so it's always cool to see an original idea. Not sure I'd want to get married at a dump, or if I'd want this guy as my best man, but different strokes and all that.

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3. Uhhh...

Reddit | DenshaDev

Fake lashes make sense. They can look totally convincing for those who are lash-challenged. Maybe this woman's lashes look convincing when viewed from the front. But from this angle, it just looks like she has furry glasses.

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4. Have a seat.

Reddit | Theroz_

It's always fascinating when a building gets demolished in a dense urban setting. Sometimes, it reveals old brickwork or long-forgotten signs. Sometimes, it just reveals about a million billion chairs for some reasons.

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5. He's stealing your soul.

Reddit | fvck3dup

Never set up a motion-sensor camera in your bedroom. At best, it'll be boring. At worst, you'll be thoroughly creeped out by your cat's inexplicable actions during the wee hours of the night.

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6. Road trip!

Reddit | howmanyletterscaniu

There are probably all kinds of reasons a guy with a convertible would need to pick up a whole pig carcass. I just can't think of any right now.

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7. Just why?

Reddit | PaperBoxes1789

Here's a vending machine for those who like to live dangerously. Sure, they might get what they want. On the other hand, they could wind up chomping down on rubber or foolishly smashing a gumball into the ground.

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8. Joe, we need to talk.

Reddit | panichan2

I'm getting mixed messages here. Joe will respect your boundaries with a ten-foot buffer zone. You'll barely notice him. But, conversely, he "won't leave you alone. This poster also leaves open the possibility that he'll just start doing this without your request or consent.

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9. Halftime entertainment takes a grim turn.

Reddit | ThexXPhantomKnightXx

Mascots serve a valuable purpose. They're there to use trampolines to throw down huge dunks through flaming hoops, or maybe to wipe out on rollerblades. It's all fun and games until someone lands a brutal chair shot.

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10. Something's wrong here.

Reddit | WeebWallets

It's great to see braille being used in public spaces. There's really no reason not to include it on signs. But is it really a good idea on a car's gearshift?

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11. When Disneyworld gets dark.


Disney parks are legendary for the way their cast members stay in character. Apparently, at one point in time, part of Mickey Mouse's character involved eating kids whole, like some kind of boa constrictor.

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12. Furries, man.

Reddit | Kelaita

I shouldn't judge, but I'm totally gonna judge. If you want to become a neon dog, that's your prerogative. But when actual, regular dog owners fit in better with the mutts of the world, maybe it's time to take a long look at yourself.

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13. Special bonus inside!

Reddit | jessicamossy

This decor from Ross was already a great deal — after all, it was priced at just $6.99 when it could apparently be compared to $12 items. The random cigarette butts inside are just a bonus prize.

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14. I want to believe.

Reddit | dizzydwarf28

This pic would be a lot less weird if the driver was decked out in some kind of full-blown alien cosplay. But he looks like a normal dude, albeit one with some extraterrestrial-looking shades.

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15. That looks fun.


The realization that you're going to need to plunge the toilet is one of the worst feelings there is. It doesn't seem like this grim task could ever be fun, but someone took a shot at it.

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16. Convenience.

Reddit | oioliv

Home, and bathroom, designs come in all shapes and sizes. Renovations, additions and geographic quirks can create some interesting layouts. But I can't for the life of me understand a front door the leads directly into the shower.

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17. I'm uncomfortable.

Reddit | WeezySan

First off, this hoodie is totally unsettling. Second, how is the skin effect so convincing? Is this hoodie made out of, like, human skin or something? Hard pass from me.

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18. It's not that I can't imagine why somebody would do this. It's just that The Simpsons never translate to the real world.

Reddit | roamingalien

It's not even that this is a badly done costume.

There's simply no way to make a realistic looking Marge Simpson without it turning out like something a five-year-old would claim is living under their bed.

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19. Obviously, rickety bridges won't take long to impossible and nightmarish to cross.

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

However, the problem is that I don't think age did this to the bridge. I think someone made this and then looked at it and said, "Yup, a job well done."

That's what scares me.

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20. Here we have a statue of a crying rainbow bear with a child's hand attached to it.

Reddit | toxic_03

Although having a ghoulish appendage stuck to you seems like a pretty good reason to cry, it looks like there was supposed to be a kid statue here.

So not only are we left to wonder what this was supposed to be about, but also why somebody took the kid away.

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21. If that alien is supposed to be part of this group, then it's hard to even list the questions that this picture raises.

Reddit | unoiamaQT

Otherwise, I suppose we're just supposed to wonder why the alien menace decided to stalk this gentleman while he's taking his donkey for a walk.

So rude.

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22. Without knowing where in the world this photo was taken, it's hard to know how common of an occurrence this is.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

That said, it's still pretty hard to expect someone to get used to an anteater suddenly popping out of their washing machine no matter where they live.

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23. Not only would I advise you not to try this at home, but I would've tried my hardest to prevent the person in this picture from doing it.

Reddit | GodSpeedDrip1

I guess the cleanliness of that coin probably seems like the less obvious thing to be worried about, but that's what came to mind as soon as I stopped screaming internally.

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24. This is what can happen to potatoes when you leave them lying around long enough, but there are still a lot of questions here.

Reddit | TheWombat123

Even putting aside why someone would cover the floor with potatoes just to end up leaving them there, were they trying to put them in the creepiest place they could think of?

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25. Cats can get pretty confident about their ability to eat a lot of animals, but I think they'd draw the line at this one.

Reddit | Kaiser_yerman

I'm not sure what's going on with this bird's eyes, but it looks like some kind of avian spirit of vengeance that chose this house very carefully.

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26. OK, so this doll is a little creepy, but not the worst thing to discover when you visit someone's house, right?

Reddit | Caladwenmithra

Unfortunately, the uploader informed us that someone left this on their doorstep without explanation.

If they were trying to encourage them to move, it's probably working.

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27. I've seen toilets in some messed up places by now, but having one sit at the front of a classroom for no clear reason is a new one.

Reddit | Sammyboy1113

Apparently, this is a physics class, so unless that toilet is getting tossed off a roof later, I can't even guess as to what it's doing here.

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28. A nose for oral hygiene.

Reddit | shefearsoblivion

It's good to appreciate the little things in life. Otherwise, you might totally miss some special moments —like when you squeeze out some toothpaste that perfectly resembles a human nose.

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29. That'll require a big can of Raid.

Reddit | yeetylad

People love to dress up as animals. Just look at the furry pic a few items back. But there's a reason that animal costumes are usually cute and cuddly, y'know?

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30. I have questions.

Reddit | I-am-very-bored

"He came up to us asking for my sibling and mother to hop on and 'leave the guys alone'," wrote the bewildered Redditor who posted this. "We told him no and this was the picture I took before he left."

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