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15+ People Who Aren't Taking Any Chances

It's an unfortunate reality that a lot of our biggest problems can start off surprisingly small. Not only does that mean our hardships sneak up on us, but it also leaves us wishing we could go back and make the tiny change that would've prevented all of it.

When this happens, it's pretty natural to get a little intense about preventing the issue when it seems like it'll arise again.

After I lost a whole computer to a lightning storm as a kid, I would get pretty freakish about shutting it off as soon as I heard a rumble outside and selling me a surge protector involved tolerating a bunch of follow-up questions.

With that in mind, we can only wonder what incidents that preceded the strict policies these people followed.

1. Somebody seemed weirdly concerned for the health of these statues in downtown Dallas.

Reddit | very_nice_how_much

Besides the three pictured here, this square had at least eight others and all of them had these surgical masks attached.

It may not be an honor everyone can understand, but congratulations to Dallas for having the world's healthiest statues.

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2. I can only imagine that whoever put this warning down once tried to carry a shipment of eggs through here.

Reddit | spicypearpancakes

I've met some nasty cracks in the sidewalk, but none of them have hit me so hard that they inspired me to spearhead an entire public service announcement.

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3. After a town in rural Wisconsin had a flood, one farmer decided they weren't taking any chances.

Reddit | Nannooskeeska

So not only did they take an important step to protect this little calf, but they found the most adorable way possible to do it.

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4. For Walmart, it seems like one incident that saw fireworks turn a store into a madhouse was one too many.

Reddit | arbitrarist2

It may not be clear how that whole chaotic mess started, but this fire extinguisher should come in handy all the same.

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5. It's hard to imagine the kind of person who would go to this much trouble to steal a kid's scooter.

Reddit | qvoted

Not only will that involve getting past two different locks, but one of them is attached to a whole different scooter.

Whoever left these here must be inseparable because their scooters definitely are.

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6. I don't think I've seen anyone sell loose Tide pods before, but it's good to see they've taken the appropriate precautions.

Reddit | QuietJackfruit

Not that people are really interested in eating these anymore (thankfully) and it's kind of dubious whether those who were are old enough to be considered millennials.

Still, it's good to cover your bases all the same.

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7. It's a little hard to tell what's going on here, but this guy is mowing his lawn during a downpour.

Reddit | AnotherSmegHead

Sure, that may not seem like he's being particularly careful, but a lot of people unfortunate enough to live around one will agree that a Homeowner's Association can be a lot scarier than a storm.

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8. I'm sure somebody stole this sign from a pool and put it here as a prank, but I also want there to be an outrageous story behind this.

Reddit | icepickchris

You can fill in the details of that story yourself, but it probably involved a concussion, a broken toilet and somebody else's severe disappointment.

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9. I wouldn't imagine the TSA would need to tell people to put their shoes back on, but I guess they know their lost and found better than I do.

Reddit | call_me_lee

I do like how they bothered to include an arrow on this sign, though. I guess in case the stress of traveling makes someone mentally revert back to when they were five?

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10. Somebody obviously places a lot of importance in how much height affects pee trajectory.

Reddit | TheFaceStuffer

I don't know how they measured this, but this sign is right about one thing. Whoever uses this is guaranteed to splash because this whole weird sign is in the way.

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11. It's hard enough to keep humans from looking at the sun during an eclipse, but one pet owner had their doggo covered.

Reddit | amyjon87

There's a chance that it wouldn't have showed the slightest interest in what was going on, but those Vegas odds didn't make the risk of eye worth it.

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12. Anyone who gets a little overconfident in their aim can only look upon this sign with shame.

Reddit | oistr

Of course, it gets a lot easier to make sure you're on target when you swallow your pride and sit down. Just saying.

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13. Some small dogs can do more damage than they might seem, but this one doesn't really seem to warrant a beware sign.

Reddit | Mortadelllla

In fact, it seems to be sadly wondering why nobody wants to come up and play with it. Aww.

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14. I'm not the type to absent-mindedly zip my fly up, so this warning and I seem to be on the same page.

Reddit | rofLopolous

There's something about watching There's Something About Mary as a kid that makes a guy take this problem very seriously.

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15. This warning is probably more common in some areas than others, but I guess we don't want them sneaking up on us.

Reddit | yawto

Besides, even the most unscrupulous among us probably wouldn't find squashed chicken all that appetizing.

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16. Something tells me this wasn't a game she had any chance of losing.

Reddit | senachax

Although it's hard not to wonder whether her admirer just happened to have a bunch of animal Photoshops at the ready or whether this one took a long time to show up.

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17. Yup, whoever put this sign down definitely wasn't wrong.

Reddit | OptimalTime

It may seem pretty obvious that a street that recently saw rain would be wet, but it's also pretty easy to underestimate how slippery it can get.

Especially when you've got a sprained knee and you feel a sudden, unexpected leg movement all day. Ugh.

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18. It had recently snowed when this mail truck in Raleigh, North Carolina made its rounds and that was surprising enough to make this seem reasonable.

Reddit | NegrasGrande

Sure, those snow tires may have a rough ride and mess up the pavement, but this postal worker isn't getting caught with their pants down again.

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19. Evidently, even opting for the hover hands seemed a little risky to this gentleman.

Reddit | girolski07

It's not a surprise that he looks so serious in this picture because he clearly took a lot of care to ensure that he was respecting this woman's personal space.

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20. When this young man was bit by a dog, he made sure to do his part to ensure no medical errors happened while he was unconscious.

Reddit | PurpleP

You'd think the very clear wound would've been enough of a clue, but I guess doctors can have groggy mornings as easily as anybody else.

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