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Woman Screams And Punches Man’s Car After Losing Parking Spot In Viral Video

As humans, we don't always display the most upstanding behavior. It's understandable considering the current stressers that we're under, so as a society, we tend to have a certain bandwidth for how aggressively you can be a jerk in everyday circumstances.

Take driving for example. Is it warranted to swear and give people the finger when they don't follow basic road etiquette? Not really. Do we allow it? Yes, but the key term here is, within reason.

One Australian man recently had an odd encounter with someone while he was in his car.


Marc Hodgson of Newcastle had his car parked in the parking lot at Westfield in Kotara, a popular shopping destination for the region, when a woman approached his vehicle.

Hodgson didn't think anything of it until the woman started screaming and swearing.

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The woman started pointing at her own car, parked with its hazards on in the middle of the lane.

It took a minute for Hodgson to realize that the woman was accusing him of stealing her parking spot.

By that point, she started slamming her hands on the hood of the car.

Facebook | Marc Hodgson

Luckily, Hodgson caught all of this on video.

"Are you kidding me?" he's heard saying, "You’re on dashcam."

She continues to scream, swear, and punch the car until Hodgson pulls out of the spot.

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The video shows him driving off, leaving the woman alone in the parking space with her arms crossed.

Since Hodgson posted the video to his Facebook, it has been watched over 14,000 times.

Most viewers thought the woman was completely nuts.

Facebook | Marc Hodgson

However, others surprisingly had a lot of sympathy for her.

"Although it seems funny I also think it’s sad," someone wrote, "She’s clearly going through a time. Sometimes it’s that last thing that makes you break. I’ve definitely been there."

Watch the altercation for yourself.

What would you do if you were confronted like that while in your parked car? One things for sure—this guy's got a lot more patience than I do.

h/t: The Daily Mail