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Study Finds Having Kids Makes You Happier... But Only Once They Move Out

A new study from a German University has shed some light on the level of happiness experienced by parents. The study confirmed that adults with children are happier on average than those without, but researchers discovered that there's a new catch in order to make this statement true.

Researchers have long been fascinated with the happiness of parents compared to non-parents.

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A number of high-profile studies have examined the relationship between an individual's level of happiness and choosing to have children.

A new study from Heidelberg University in Germany examined this topic from a different perspective.

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Researchers in the study decided to examine the happiness levels of parents whose children had left home versus those who still lived with their children.

The results probably aren't too surprising for parents.

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After asking 55,000 parents over the age of 50 about their level of happiness, the study found that people with children were happier than those without... but only if their children had left home and were living independently.

Researchers believe that once children move out, they provide social enrichment and fulfillment, but the stress of taking care of them diminishes for the parents.

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So, there you have it. Having kids does make our lives better... we just have to wait for them to find their own place before we can be truly happy.

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